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Blast against pseudomolecule: MT3.0
Blast a fasta-format sequence or set of sequences against the current Medicago truncatula pseudomolecule.
To do the blast, choose a blast program and e-value, then paste your FASTA sequences.
For testing, here are some nucleotide and peptide sequences.

 ? blastn tblastn blastp blastx
 ? E-value (e.g. 0.01 or 1e-6)
 ? Collapse HSPs within this range  (0 = don't collapse; for nt targets only)

Paste FASTA sequences: (Each query will be assigned a different color.)

Or upload a FASTA file:

(May take some time. Please click the button only once.)

About the result:
The results page will show two views of the hit positions on the pseudomolecule: a large, zoomed in view and a smaller whole-genome view.
Each dot represents a Blast HSP below the specified E-value. Several HSPs may correspond to one query sequence, so two dots don't necessarily indicate two independent matches of the same sequence.
The little gray and black lines on the chromosome images show the BAC borders. Black lines indicate sequence gaps; gray lines indicate boundaries between overlapping BACs (overlap has been removed in these cases).

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