Month: December 2016

How Can You Build A Stronger Lower Body With CytoSport?

Greatist says that your glutes are the biggest muscle group in your entire body. This means a lot of activities that you perform involve your lower body and it’s actually supported by your backside.

Try this fast butt workout to boost your strength. After you’re done warming up, perform the movements statically first. Then, follow with pulses. Get ready to feel the burn!

The 10-Minute Core and Butt Workout for a Stronger Lower Body

Here’s a fun fact: Your glutes are the largest muscle group in your body, so nearly everything you do with the lower body is powered by your backside. So if you don’t know what the heck a #belfie is (but epecially if you do), carve out 10 minutes of your day to try this quick butt workout. Read more…

Breaking Muscle says that these are the five powerful lower body strength routines. The training involved in this exercise offers a wide selection of tools and overload protocols. This is going to specifically aim for the large muscles of that area.

Squatting, deadlifting, leg pressing, and lunging are involved in these moves. These can be executed using different equipment like barbells, dumbbells, and plate-loading machines. 

5 Powerful Lower Body Strength Routines

And these can be performed with barbells, dumbbells, selectorized and plate-loading machines, and done for high, medium, and low repetitions – or a combination of them – using various overload protocols. Read more…

Cheat Sheet says that these are the sure exercises to tone your legs and butt. If you want to have a healthy body, you’ve got to start building your core and leg foundation. This is indicative of a healthy and muscular body.

Our bodies evolved over time, and because we’re now walking upright, most of the work done in our day-to-day activities are being handled by our legs and buttocks area .

5 Exercises That Build and Tone Your Legs and Butt

The foundation of a healthy, muscular body starts in the core — and in the legs. The human body evolved over time to adapt to walking, meaning that the brunt of the work being done by our muscular and skeletal system is placed on the legs, and in particular, the upper legs and buttocks area. Read more…

Grokker shares this Toned Core & Butt video here: 

Cytosport’s Cytomax Powder drink is going to help you out especially in developing your strength. This drink is specifically designed in order to have a better stamina and endurance during your training.

It’s function is to also sustain energy, so you can train harder, and get maximum results.

Labels And Nutrition Facts: Should I Be Counting Calories?

Muscle and Strength exposes the truth about calorie counting and lying labels. Are you surprised? No? There are still individuals, part of the general population who truly trust food labels.

Sorry to break it to you sweetheart. Some can get confusing and misleading. That’s why we want you to be more aware, as much as possible about the instances why sometimes nutrition labels can’t be trusted. Check this out:

Lying Labels: Exposing the Truth on Calorie Counts

Can you really trust the nutritional facts on the back of food packaging? What about the health claims laid out on the front? Read this article to find out! I have a PhD and I still find nutrition labels confusing at times. Read more… wants you to find out if the information on your grocery items is trustworthy or just plainly lying to your face. In the supermarket, you can often find words claiming, “low-fat, and ““all-natural,” sugar-free.” How much of this is really true?

There are misleading supermarket labels that need to be investigated in order to check what’s really in your favourite products. Are you ready for this? Check it out: 

Food Label Lies

But how can you know if they’re telling you the whole truth? We’ve investigated some popular but misleading supermarket labels to break down what’s really in your favourite foods. Read more…

Eat This says that there are 6 biggest food label lies. Numerous claims about nutrition are already posted on supermarket shelves. You can see descriptions that are quite tempting because it somehow implies a “healthier choice.”

The thing is, is it truly healthy though? How can you tell? Are you even aware of this? This is why Eat This has prepared a short guide how to spot big fat lies at the grocery store:

The 6 Biggest Food Label Lies

As an Eat This, Not That! reader, you know that many of the barking nutritional claims on the supermarket shelves—and the dazzling descriptions on your favourite restaurant menus—are nothing but a pile of baloney, sandwiched between two slices of toasted flimflammery. (Yum!)  Read more…

This video from Daniel Penz tackeles: “Are food Labels lying to you?”

When you’re done sorting out the good stuff versus the bad stuff, here’s a great addition to your diet. Cytosport Muscle MLK Vanilla is perfect for someone who aims to have lean muscle, increased strength and faster recovery.

For any individual, athlete, or gym rat, these factors are important in achieving a great physical fitness level. What’s even awesome is that Cytosport Muscle MLK can help you with these.

Best Arms In Bodybuilding: How To Get Them Looking All Jacked Up

Best Arms In Bodybuilding: How To Get Them Looking All Jacked Up

Muscular Development talks about the most excellent arms in bodybuilding. You know whom they regard as having the best built guns? When an article appeared at MD online titled, “Best Arms Ever? Lee Priest or Roelly Winklaar?” it was Winklaar who garnered a lot of votes. Though these were based on many readers’ opinion, they want to let others know that it’s really Winklaar who deserves the title.

Most bodybuilders these days were inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Roelly was star struck when he saw a photo of Arnold in his bodybuilding form. He said that he wanted to have arms like that one day. Guess what? He’s got the best guns ever.

The Best Arms In Bodybuilding? How Roelly Winklaar Built Them

Potential winners were not limited to any particular era and went back to the 1960s, all the way to today. Lee Priest won that consensus. Though others had incredible biceps development (Arnold, Scott, Robby, Ronnie, Beckles) and still others had amazing triceps, Lee was determined to have the best total package of biceps, triceps and forearms ever seen. Read more…

Simply Shredded says that Arnold Schwarzenegger follows a certain arm routine that made those massive guns. Nicknamed as the Austrian Oak, no one could match his 22-inch guns during his time.

Even until today, when you hear his name, it is immediately associated to biceps development. We can’t help it. He was the one who initially broke standards and made a breakthrough in the bodybuilding world.

Austrian Alps: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Incredible Secret Arm Routine Revealed

Denizens of any local gym knew that impressive mountain could be found in Venice, California, where there lived and trained an Austrian-born mountain of a man bearing an equally prodigious surname. Read more…

Jacked Factory says that this is your greatest guide when it comes to adding bulk into your arms. For explosiveness, take a quick scan at these exercises. You can surely maximize the size of your arms using these workouts.

In terms of aesthetic effect and bulkiness, the first thing that people notice about the body is the arms. It’s all good if you’re all beefy and pumped up but if you lack in this area, you can still keep up. Just try this workout program so you can start right away.

Huge Arms Workout Guide: Exercises For Massive Arms  

One of the first body parts that gets noticed is your arms. While arms are just a small part of the whole picture, there’s no way around wanting to have a set of guns that attracts positive attention. Read more…

Check out Roelly Winklaar’s best workout practices – Bodybuilding Motivation 2016:

This supplement boasts of good and high-quality protein. The best part about this is that there’s no added fat, sugar or cabs. This is the right formula while growing your guns into its maximum size.

There are quite a lot of benefits when using Cytosport Complete Whey Protein. Healthy hormone production is just one of the best side effects.