Month: March 2017

Preparing for Your Race: Things to Do to Get That Number One Spot

Preparation is the key to success. This might be the most cliché line you’ve ever heard but it’s something that we should consider if we’re joining a race or a marathon.

Take Allyson Felix’s preparations before the Olympic Games in Rio. She has attended the games three times already and she’s won six medals.’s Lara McGlashan got the chance to interview the athlete before the Rio event. They discussed things like her routine, her eating habits and her training schedule.

Well, Felix’s schedule is really for an athlete. If you’re someone who’s motivated enough to exert extra effort in your workout, follow her training below:

Run For The Gold With Allyson Felix

Whether you’re a running fanatic or not, you can’t help but appreciate the Olympic track and field events for their raw, unbridled power and crazy speed (plus, those bodies!!) Three-time Olympian and owner of one such killer bod, Allyson Felix, sat down pre-Rio to chat with Oxygen about her preparation for these, her fourth Olympic games, as well as a few personal details you won’t get anywhere else! Read more…

For Thad McLaurin from, he shared the best tips for preparing for your race. This ensures a greater chance of winning and succeeding in your goal. It involves tapering, eating habits, and hydration.

He explains that first, athletes should enjoy the tapering sessions before the big day. This can be unsettling for some runners but it should be given some importance because it lets your body to rebuild, and be refreshed for the big event. Of course, that’s just one of the tips from Thad so check out more of his guidelines here:

10 Race-Day Preparation Tips

Race-day preparation is key to your success on the big day. Here are 10 ways to gear up, get ready, and cross the finish line strong. Read more…

John Hanc from says that there’s no time to kick back. You increase your chances of getting ahead if you take your preparations seriously. Take the author’s list and keep them in mind. These are things to do two days before the race, one day before the race and on the morning of your race. He also suggests a checklist of important things on your race day.

He adds that your decisions would result to how you’ll enjoy the overall experience. You may want to take a thorough scan of your checklist, while keeping in mind those important things that you need to take care of. Finishing these tasks gives you a peace of mind before your race starts.

Secrets of Preparing for a Race

While most of the hard work is behind you, the decisions you make in the days leading up to your race can dictate how enjoyable your experience will be. As race morning approaches, you want to minimize time on your feet and take care of important things such as finding directions to the start and deciding what you’ll wear. Saving these tasks for the last minute can increase pre-race anxiety and potentially slow you down when the rubber hits the road. Read more…

If you’re planning to participate in a race or marathon soon, try this routine exercise: 

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The Effects Of Combining High And Low Reps

Flex Online discusses the high-low training strategy. You can surely combine your workout techniques while spicing up your routine. It’s not just about variety. We can agree that this is essential in maintaining muscle growth, but exercise selection isn’t the only thing that matters.

You switch your lifts every time you work on a different body part, but did you ever ask yourself how often you alter your count per set? High-Low training is one way for you to plan your patterns better. You switch back and forth between the high and low ranges in different workouts and set count.

Studies have shown that the best range to growth muscle is the 8-12 rep range. However, you shouldn’t rely on this entirely. Higher and lower reps have more advantages. The higher range improves blood volume and stamina. Lower ranges  encourage strength. These two can maximize your gains.

High-Low Training

Variety isn’t just the spice of life. It may be the main ingredient of muscle growth. But variety doesn’t merely reference exercise selection. You might switch lifts every time you work a body part, but how often do you dramatically alter your reps per set? Read more…

Simply Shredded discusses the kind of training that promotes the use of high and low rep ranges. Your muscles will surely get an extremely well-rounded workout because they get used to difference types of training. Moreover, you can take it up a notch and perform these in one workout. Just follow the training principles: pyramids.

Basically, there are three main types of pyramids, and they are all outlined here. The first one is the Ascending Pyramid. It means that you’ll need to increase weight but reps should be decreased. You’ll be increasing weight with each set.

For example, you can do four sets of shoulder presses. For the first set, you must select a weight that will let you perform at least 16 reps. In the second set, put on some more poundage – 10-20 pounds should do so you can get to 12 reps. Then increase the weight again on the next round until you reach 8 reps. For the last set, choose a heavy weight that will allow you to finish four reps.

Power Of The Pyramid: Don’t Give Your Muscles The Same Training and Weight Every Set, Make Them Work!

When I was training, I tried to do all of those rep ranges in the same workout I’d lift heavy with low reps, light with high reps and moderate weight with moderate reps. I thought it gave my muscles an extremely well-rounded workout instead of letting them get used to one particular resistance. I’d even take it a step further and perform all these rep ranges in the course of a single exercise by using one of my favorite training principles: pyramids. Read more…

The Muscle Program lets us discover why it is important to incorporate the two kinds of ranges into your workout. You need to load up using heavy weights for dense mass. As for promoting strength and muscle growth, low ranges can help you out.

The real deal about rep ranges is that neither high reps nor low reps alone are going to give you the muscle mass you want. Both of these have their own purpose in muscle and strength. Powerlifters who take on heavy weights with low reps will include higher reps to develop power. You need a mixture of both to get leaner and more muscular.

It all depends on your personal goals. You might train with one rep range more than the other but you have to make sure that you’re going to find a way to mix them all up.

High and Low Range

For a while I’ve been mixing up my rep ranges for my workouts going from low reps, such as 4-6 reps for an exercise then doing another exercise with 15-20 reps. I feel that there’s a place for both types of training, and while most everything works, nothing works for long. In this article I’ll cover high reps vs low reps, and why there is no ‘best rep range.’ Read more…

ATHLEAN-X™ gives the ultimate advice about the Best Workout Range (CLASSIC MISTAKE!):

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Meet Your Fitness Goals: Couple Workout Routines

Working out with a significant other surely is great. This will absolutely add some excitement to your daily workout. Your once boring set can turn interesting because of your partner.

Jenessa Connor from says that couples who workout together strengthen their relationship even more. You and your partner can get a lot of benefits from this. When you want to spice up your routine or just want to save time, this can be the right workout for you!

For adults nowadays, obligations concerning work and family come first. Health gets pushed way behind the line wherein it should be prioritized. If you want to change this, you can succeed especially when you’ve got your partner’s full support.

5 Reasons to Work Out With Your Partner

Couples who work out together are on to something. Partner exercises not only add variety to training sessions but also can strengthen a couple’s relationship. From saving time to spicing up a regular routine, the benefits are numerous. So grab your significant other, hit the gym and get ready to reap the rewards. Read more…

Let’s check out Phil Gephart’s version of the couple workout. He says that this program can totally build intimacy between sweethearts. Both of you will share the rewards later on, but the most important thing about this routine is that you share the work together. Couples get to spend time with each other and it allows them to motivate one another.

The workout consists of a push day and a pull day. Couples can perform these exercises together in order for them to develop mass and burn fat. This gets boosted by the individual work incorporated into the exercise. There are workouts designed for the men and those for women. The guys will do some work to strengthen the arms while the girls will perform some for their hips and glutes.


For those of you in relationships, this program will serve as a intimacy-builder. Not presently attached? Getting fit quick can serve to remedy that. Got someone in your sights? Invite them to share this workout with you for a few weeks to see if any sparks fly. Read more…

Sarah Williams from says that healthy living is the key to a strong relationship. When of you look good, you feel good about yourselves and you’ll find it fulfilling. Motivation and accountability are two important factors in maintaining this lifestyle. Make your partner your motivation and be accountable for each other’s actions.

The author says that it can be quite overwhelming for some people she came up with ways how to make it simple for couple. She referenced Amanda Pennino’s article about working out with a partner. 

Couples Workout – The Fitness Guide for Two

A healthy and fit lifestyle is one of the key pillars to having a strong, enduring, and passionate relationship with your partner. If you look good you feel good, multiplied by the power of two, you’ll both find yourselves in the best shape of your lives. Read more…

If you want to go ahead and spice it up, add these workouts to your routine:

If you’re both determined to lose some weight or enhance your performance during your workout, Cytomax might be good for you. It helps your body rehydrate and refuel after intense workouts.

Use These Effective Tips And Methods How To Add Mass During Winter

Flex Online discusses the proper way to bulk up during the cold season. We know how it goes. For competitors, off-season means we’re going to have to add some muscle to your frame. With winter time, it’s totally the right time to start your gains.

The first tip is to eat more food, more often. Get ready for meal prep: six meals every day will sustain you for the rest of this period. You get to eat these small meals a day in order to monitor your system. Overloading is pretty common so this little step is simply going to help you out.

In every sitting, you’ve got to make sure that you’re getting at least 35 grams of muscle-building protein. The main sources include meat, poultry, fish, milk, cheese and eggs.

The Proper Way to Add Mass During the Winter Months

Back in my days as a competitor, I used my “off-season” to add muscle to my frame. For noncompetitive bodybuilders, summer and winter dictate when to shred down or bulk up, and with winter on our doorstep, it’s time to add mass. Read more…

Men’s Fitness explains the other side of bulking up during the cold weather. This time, you have to start making the advantage your training ground for packing on the pounds.  Tim McComsey with HUMANFITPROJECT says that these are most important workouts in order to gain mass in just four weeks.

This cold season can bring about positive changes to your body. You can be at your biggest during this time, but when you get to the warm weather, you’ll be the leanest.

The most important thing to note is to use the season to build the muscle. You can then return to aggressive training during Spring. The technique actually gives the body the change it needs.

The Winter Bulk Up: How To Gain Muscle In 4 Weeks

The trick is to use the winter to Bulk Up, then transition into an aggressive shred during the spring. This philosophy naturally gives your body the “change” it needs. You’ll be able to eat more, and to some degree, rest a bit more as well. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness talks about the rules that you need to follow during the bulking season. Well, it’s going to be freezing outside. Just make sure to turn the heat up using your a winter coat of muscle!

The freezing season has already started. Nobody would actually care about your 6-pack anymore. However, your overall built is still exposed. It takes just one look to see if you’re maintaining your sharpness and definition. This is the right time to surrender yourself to a bulking program.

Do everything in moderation, especially when consuming foods. Eating too much might hinder from your goals. Follow these great rules for the most effective ways in dealing with the bulking season.

5 Essential Rules For An Effective Bulking Season

Nobody cares about abs when it’s cold out. They can’t be seen through your sweater—but your chest, shoulders, and arms can, which is why winter, is the perfect time to go on a bulking program. Read more…

Weight Gain Network discusses How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast: 3 Tips That Pro Bodybuilders Use For Quick Muscle Gains:

Looking for sure ways how to add mass to your puny frame? If you’re tired of doing this, maybe we just need a little more motivation. This one is quite interesting because it gives the users the right glutamine amount that pushes for protein synthesis.

Moreover, the formula is quite good for those who want to manage their sugar intake. The motto is like this: no simple sugars; no fructose; no sucrose.

Use Interval Training Workouts To Torch Fat

These are the routines that can help you shed fat while building your glutes and quads. This powerful duo routine can pave way for a greater body, in greater form.

This is a good metabolic conditioning tool that can be one of the most effective ways to pack on muscle on your lower body. More often than not, people think that this tool is all for the upper body especially in growing your lats and back.

However, those who are more experienced and anyone who has used the rower long enough know that it helps improve your efficiency, power and work for the lower body as well. It facilitates the extension of ankles, knees and hips, making it a good way to build your quads and glutes.

You just need to know how to do it right. Using this machine is easy, but you need to set yourself up properly in order to make sure that you’re not wasting your time when you’re executing your moves.

Tip: Interval Training Workouts for the Rower

This metabolic conditioning tool can also be one hell of a way to add muscle to the lower body. One of the biggest misconceptions about the rower is that it’s an upper-body emphasized movement pattern and can be great for building your lats and back. Read more…

Here are the rest of interval training moves from Greatist. It’s specifically for beginners so if you’re just starting out, then this one’s going to match your skill and your needs.

Staying in shape can get a bit tricky especially if you’re on a tight schedule. If you don’t have enough time, like the rest of us, you can probably take note of interval training as your go-to solution. Research even recommends alternating bursts of high-intensity work using complete rest or low-intensity movement; interval training can boost your body’s fat-burning mechanisms. Aside from that, you get to improve your metabolism and cardiovascular fitness.

HIIT training is quite flexible and versatile. You’ve got variations of all sorts of exercises: bodyweight movements, weights, TRX training, running, and more. You can mix them all up so you will never get bored.

How to Interval Train at Every Level

Whoever said “slow and steady wins the race” didn’t have a full-time job, a slowing metabolism, and an endless to-do list. When it comes to staying in shape on a tight schedule, there’s probably no better solution than interval training. Read more…

Built Lean gives us an overview of seven routines that you can choose from while willing yourself to do more and burn fat fast. HIIT is a form of exercise that is best described using intense moves and short periods of rest. It totally improves your fitness level and burns your body fat.

This is way superior than your regular cardio because the body gets to use sugar during the intense training and then turns to stored body fat during recovery. What else can you ask for?

What’s good about it is that you can perform the moves using gym equipment, cardio formats, weighted or bodyweight exercises. Doesn’t matter if you have a gym or not: you can burn fat all you want with these moves. 

7 Interval Training Workouts To Burn Fat Fast

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of exercise characterized by periods of hard work followed by brief periods of recovery or rest. This form of exercise is a highly efficient means of improving your fitness level and burning body fat. Why is HIIT superior to steady state cardio like jogging when it comes to fat burning? It’s because your body primarily uses sugar (glucose) during the intense exercise bout and uses stored body fat during the recovery phase as well as post-exercise. Read more…

FitnessBlender shares this Belly Fat Burner HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training Workout:

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