Month: December 2017

Build Olympia Worthy Legs Like The Olympia Men

If you want to know how to build olympia worthy legs like Josh Lenartowicz or Arnold Schwarzenegger, check out their methods below. You can definitely make it, just like these incredible men!

Flex Online reports how Josh Lenartowicz built his amazing Olympia legs. It seems like the Lenartowicz had his own training routine. Get this, it’s called King Of The Gym. Sounds cool, yeah? Wait until you know what happens in this routine.

KOTG is plays a rough game. It’s progressive and you get to perform each exercise for four to eight sets. The rep count remains the same but the weight increases for each set. Think you can handle this? Check this out then:

Reinventing the Wheels

This overload set is done for roughly the same reps as the lighter sets that preceded it, but because it’s to failure, he doesn’t predetermine when to stop. The system is called King of the Gym for a reason. When you’re as strong as 260-pound Lenartowicz, the overload sets are attention-grabbers and respect-earners. Read more…

If you want to find out Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret for his oak-like legs, read up and know more about how he resolved this bodybuilding obstacle. Only a seven Mr. Olympia title holder would know the solution to this weakness.

During his time, he was the ultimate bodybuilder, admired for his figure. But we all know too well that it wasn’t easy for “The Oak.” He pushed harder and even endured sickening workouts up to three times a week just so he can achieve massive legs.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Secret To Tree Trunk Legs

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a promising young bodybuilder who had one glaring weakness (seriously)—his legs. At 6’2″, Arnold knew firsthand the difficulty tall bodybuilders face in bringing up their bottom halves. Rather than accepting this shortcoming, however, Arnold endured grueling, even sickening, workouts up to three times a week to build massive tree-trunk thighs worthy of someone nicknamed The Oak. Read more…

Squats enhance your lower body strength. You may already have this exercise included in your daily routine regularly and that’s a good thing because it also improves your flexibility and pump up the human growth hormone production.

Men’s Fitness tells us about these amazing seven variations for building muscular legs. You can surely spice up your basic squats with goblet squats and front squats. Check out the list for more lower body exercises to ensure that you get to shape those lower extremities!

7 Squat Variations To Build Muscular Legs

Whether your goal is to get shredded, stay in shape, or simply to feel (and look) good, you should be switching up your squat variations regularly, says New York City-based personal trainer Nick Rodocoy. Read more…

Check this amazing Leg Workout from ATHLEAN-X™:

Because the main goal is to build your legs and gain muscles in that area, this is going to be the best protein supplementation to achieve those trunk-like legs. You can finally make that dream come true.

It also has high levels of essential amino acids that will be the foundation of your awesome diet. You can totally get on board with this. It improves your immune system functions which will give you an overall healthy body.

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Challenging And Extreme Core Exercises 

Muscle and Strength says that these core exercises are extreme – it can build your core muscles therefore gaining strength along the process. The M & S team consulted Coach Myers about these core moves.

Coach Myers shares this important tip: people should change the way they approach core training. It’s not just about how your abs look. It’s also about developing strength in the midsection.

Strength III: 4 New Extreme Exercises

If there’s one thing Coach Myers is known for it’s having an extremely strong core. Check out 4 more of his favorite core movements to build core strength! Read more…

The Fitness Blender tells us that about how they used these tricky abdominal exercises that isolate the abs or primarily targets it while engaging other muscles in the body.

These are great because the combination of movements is supposed to strengthen your muscles to enhance definition. It even trains your muscles to remain contracted even at rest.

Six Pack Burn Out – Intense Abs Workout

If you just want to strengthen and tone your abdominals then this is exactly what you need. If you need to lose belly fat to get your abs to show up, this workout alone will not provide enough calorie burn to efficiently burn off excess fat stores. Read more…

Onnit says that these bodyweight exercises will definitely give you the strong body that you want especially if you’re looking for strength gains. There are a log of modifications and adjustments just to challenge the toughness of bodyweight exercises.

You’ll be exposed to a variety of exercises and a workout plan to improve your strength, balance and overall body control using your bodyweight.

7 Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises For Strength

In this post, I’ll share with you a variety of exercises, along with a workout plan, that will improve your strength, balance, and overall body control with just the use of your bodyweight, a level floor, a suspension trainer and the parallettes. Read more…

Muscle & Strength identifies the Top 10 Hardest Core Exercises:

If you’ve been trying to find a way to pump it up in the gym especially in your core workouts, check out Cytosport Cytomax Powder Tropical Fruit.

It’s something that’s going to motivate you to keep going in your ab strengthening exercises.  You’ll surely develop that muscle strength in no time. Check it out:

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Best Powerlifting Routine: Hardcore Exercises

Muscle and Strength gives us an idea about Wendler’s Powerlifting Routine. This has totally gained fame because it works really well. It’s growing into the most-sought after training routines.

Well, your peers can’t be blamed if they’re into this. It has proven to be worthy of consideration because of good results. That’s why if you want to try it out, see the details below.

A Hardcore Look At Wendler’s 5/3/1 Powerlifting Routine

Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 system is popular because it works! Wendler’s has you training 3-4 days per week on a rotating wave system. Read more…

Men’s Fitness says that this plan is going to build your body fast using the numbers on the bench press, squat, and deadlift.

They say that these are the best moves for getting bigger and stronger in just a short period of time. Well, what are you waiting for? Apply this plan to your routine now!

The Powerlifting Training Plan

In powerlifting, competitors vie to lift the heaviest weight possible for one rep. They don’t specifically train to get huge muscles, but they still end up being massive. Read more…

Breaking Muscle gives us the training tips from a champion powerlifter. It’s no other than the Chris Duffin. Working two roles as an engineer and being a world-renowned powerlifter, this guy knows what to do with his training plan.

He shares his training logs with the Breaking Muscle team, and they summarized the valuable lessons they learned from the champ. Check out the five of tips on how to be a great lifter like Chris Duffin.

5 Training Tips From Champion Powerlifter Chris Duffin

Between having the brain of an engineer and the brawn of a champion powerlifter, Chris knows how to train. He shared almost ninety of his weekly training logs with us, and along the way we learned the following five valuable lessons. Read more…

Chandler Marchman’s video is effective in building muscle mass. This is a great powerlifting routine:

If you’re hitting it hard in the gym just to gain more mass to suit your powerlifting activities, see Cytosport’s Monster Milk. It has high-quality blend proteins that can help you in building massive muscles.

This is full of muscle-building proteins so it’s a great drink to add to your diet.  Aside from that, it’s a healthy choice because it’s got a lot of essential amino acids. See the product here:

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The Right Cardio For Fat Loss

Muscle and Strength says that there’s an ongoing debate about the most effective type of cardio for shedding fat. It says here that there are at least five reasons why high-intensity exercises take the lead against low-intensity workouts. They say that doing low-intensity exercises are not best for fat loss. High-intensity moves are even better.

First, they say that time efficiency is a big factor here. High intensity cardio takes only less time for execute compared to its counterpart. It is so convenient for those only with little amount of time. It’s perfect for desk-job employees, or those who are always on-the-go.

The Cardio Debate For Fat Loss: High Intensity Versus Low Intensity

It is a mistaken belief that long and slow, low intensity cardio is best for fat loss because it utilizes the aerobic system and burns fat during exercise. High intensity cardio is actually far superior and more effective for fat loss than low intensity cardio for several reasons. Read more…

There are different strategies to losing fat. You can fight against flab and get a leaner body in no time. Muscle and Fitness says that there is a pretty basic philosophy when it comes to losing fat. You have got to torch more calories than you take in. This can be done if you include weekly cardio sessions in your training schedule.

Another tip: working out before your first meal of the day. If you can try harder and get up earlier than usual, this kind of routine would be better for you. The result of this practice: your body’s bound to use fat as the first energy source because your glycogen levels are low.

8 Tips To Burn More Fat

Try your next outdoor run on sand, which is more difficult than running on harder surfaces like cement. It’s easier on the joints as well, but wear shoes to avoid stress fractures and protect your feet from glass. Running on grass is also a welcome relief to joints and arches. Read more…

Simply Shredded has a different opinion when it comes to doing this type of workout. This is not the sole solution to fixing body fat composition. However, a lot of people still stick to the old ways. That’s why, we’re bringing in help: identify which cardio’s good for your body.

The two kinds of cardio: high and low intensity seems to be the center of attention. If you’re someone who wants explosive results, you have to check this one out. This talks about the major differences between HIIT cardio and LISS cardio.

These two are commonly used by most people. After comparing both kinds of exercise, you will get a good idea which one’s really suitable for you. Another point, is knowing how to use this kind of exercise. You will be given examples and a quick recap about these two forms of exercises.

Cardio For Fat Loss: High Intensity Interval Training Cardio Vs Low Intensity Steady State Cardio

I will be doing a comparison on HIIT cardio vs. LISS cardio, since these two forms of cardio are used the most. By the end of this article you will have a really good idea of what kind of cardio is right for you and how to effectively use it. Read more…

The FitnessBlender shares this Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home:


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It is a good stimulant for improving endurance. That way, you’ll be able to last after a couple of hard sessions at the gym. You might also want something that gives you enough muscle strength, so this drink is just perfect for you. To make sure that you give your best, check this one out:

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