best way to spend time at the gym

Best Way to Spend Time at the Gym

best way to spend time at the gym

One hour of workout is approximately at least four percent of your entire day. You may think that that’s just a small number but if you include your commute time, post-gym sesh rinse, and even a quick meal, that’s going to take a lot of your morning.

Don’t sweat it though. Noam Tamir, C.S.C.S., founder of TS Fitness says that if you’re short on time, a 40-minute routine can be great for your tough lifestyle. You can even get a lot of benefits in terms of cardio and strength.

The Best Way to Spend 40 Minutes at the Gym

You can get just as much done in 40 minutes, explains Noam Tamir, C.S.C.S., founder of TS Fitness, it all comes down to intensity. “If you’re efficient at what you do, 40 minutes is more than enough as long as you’re monitoring your rest periods and have a plan,” he says. Read more… 

Leta Shy from Popsugar tells us how to get more out of your gym time using these 15 effective methods. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or a veteran. Thing is, if you belong to the group who’s always in a rush, and do not have enough time to spare, you might want to take note these tips to make sure that you can turn your gym time to an even more effective and efficient experience.

If you want to kick it up a notch, get ready for an intense workout to the next level:

15 Ways to Get More Out of Your Gym Time

After you’re warmed up, start your gym routine with the part that gets you most jazzed up. Love doing crunches? Hit the mat before you hit the machines. Love to dance? Take a group class before you follow up with yoga or weights. It’ll motivate you and put you in a good mood for the tasks ahead. Read more…

We’re all busy these days. We don’t even have time to breathe at work. We strive to make dinner plans with almost everyone we know and we struggle not to cancel them as well. Let’s mention doing our typical household chores like laundry too.

With these activities filling up our schedule, how can we squeeze an hour of training? These are smart ways to get more productive. Try these 17 methods to even be more active.

17 Smart Ways to Be More Productive at the Gym

So if we’re headed to the gym, we might as well make the most of it. Whether it’s training the whole body at once or working out with a friend, here are 17 ways to be more productive at the gym. Read more…

Look at Jessica Smith’s video which answers the question: “How Long Should Your Workouts Be?”

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