Deadlift Variations

Pack More Punch Into Your Deadlifts

These exercises are one of the most dynamic exercise routines that provide a lot of strength and physical conditioning benefits. It is also one of the best exercise routines that also provides optimal fitness for most parts of the human body from the neck down.

Fitness expert and author John Papp shares some valuable insights on some of the most common deadlift exercises that can help focus on muscle building and strength conditioning.

11 Deadlift Variations To Help You Pack On Muscle And Get Stronger

Deadlifts are one of the best ways to build the posterior chain, targeting everything from the upper traps down to the hamstrings. Bottom line – if you want to be build a big, powerful backside, you need to be doing deadlift variations regularly.

There are many different variations to the deadlift, each of which targets slightly different muscles. For example, a Romanian deadlift places more of an emphasis on the eccentric contractions of the hamstrings muscle groups, while the snatch grip deadlift places more emphasis on the traps compared to other variations. Read and watch the video

A consolidated training guide for beginners by Mr. Protein, deadlift exercises, especially those with heavier than usual weights, must be done with extra care to avoid getting hurt or injured during the process.

A slight miscalculation in positioning the body or lifting the weights could cause more harm than good, so take heed.

Deadlifts For Beginners | Mix Up & Master the Deadlift with these 7 Deadlift Variations

New to the training world? Even if you are you’ll have heard of this extremely common exercise used by bodybuilders and average gym-goers a like.

However, if you are a weight-lifting newbie, just the world ‘deadlift’ can seem like an extremely daunting prospect. All you’ll understand is that ‘deadlifting’ is placed on a pedestal as the must-do exercise to get you that step closer to looking half decent in a stringer vest…

Truth is, the deadlift can potentially benefit all types of fitness levels – but also be tremendously damaging if performed wrong, in which it must be stopped RIGHT away. Read full article

Of course, it is also essential for us to know the benefits and dynamics behind the things that we are doing and just like any other activity, it is also important to know the different deadlift variations and what are their uses for it.

Fitness writer Andrew Lai explains the common variations and what each exercise target which parts of the body, the muscle groups as well as the benefits and limitations.

5 Deadlift Variations And Their Uses

Deadlifts are one of the most effective exercises to build the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, erector spinae, etc.), which comprises the base of strength and support in football, basketball, track, and almost every other sport. Developing a strong posterior chain allows stronger hip extension as well as more efficient energy transfer through one’s kinetic chain, which may allow one to jump higher, tackle harder, and even sprint faster.

Deadlifts are also a multi-joint free weight exercise, which have been suggested in numerous studies to be more effective in developing functional core strength better than isolated abdominal exercises. Read full article

Always remember that exercises are good for the body, but also be conscious of taking heed to all the safety precautions that go along with it, especially when dealing with gym equipment like deadweights and barbells.

Before starting out with any of these, make sure you are aware of the common variations and its intricacies in order for you to customize your deadlift workouts safely.

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