Which One’s The Best Exercise For Building Your Upper Chest?

Which One’s The Best Exercise For Building Your Upper Chest?

Flex Online talks about the incline and reverse grip press. You have to take a look and examine which one is better when it comes to developing your upper body.

People have gotten used to incline presses that they’ve been using it for decades in order to build their upper chest. However, it appears that the research on incline and reverse-grip bench presses strongly suggests that the latter is even more effective in muscle building.

Let’s check the results: Australian researchers published the outcome in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Their subjects were weight-trained and they were assigned to perform incline bench presses. The results were not that promising. Check out more here:

Which One’s the Better Press?

Australian researchers reported in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research that when weight-trained subjects performed incline bench presses, the muscle activity of their upper pecs was only about 5% more than the muscle activity of their upper pecs during the flat bench press. Read more…

Simply Shredded discusses the effects of the two exercises. Based on the same study, when the participants executed the incline press exercise, the muscle activity on their upper pecs was reported to be around 5% more than the activity of their pecs during the flat bench press.

On another study, Canadian scientists discovered that when trained lifters performed the reverse-grip bench press, the muscle activity of the upper pecs was 30% more than when they did a bench press using a standard overhand grip.

So, what’s the deal now folks? Take a look at the results here: 

Incline Vs. Reverse Grip: Which Is Better For Building The Upper Chest?

Defense Bodybuilders have been doing incline bench presses for decades to bring up the upper chest. Prosecution Research on incline and reverse-grip bench presses suggests that reverse-grip bench presses my be a better upper-pec builder. Read more…

Shomoshotime.com joins the crowd for examination. Let’s take a look at how they view the two exercises. 

Common knowledge tells us that the chest can be trained using three angles. These are incline, flat and decline. The usual training wisdom indicates that incline works your upper chest, while flat does work on the middle chest.

Training on a decline works the lower part of the chest. We were told that these three are the best moves to include in our workouts. However, it may not be the case based on the new research. It favours the reverse-grip bench because of its effect on muscle activity.

Even though this is the case, we should not abandon the rest of the exercises. Variation has good effects on training so mix them all up!

Incline Bench vs Reverse-Grip Bench for the Upper Chest

As far as most trainees are concerned, the chest can be trained from three angles: incline, flat, and decline. They will tell you training at an incline trains the upper chest, training on a flat bench works the middle chest, and training on a decline works the lower chest and that these are the three variations you should implement into your workout to best target the portions of the chest individually. Read more…

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