Mass Training Secrets: Get The Bodybuilder’s Secrets

Muscular Development says that these are the mass training secrets of Olympians. They’ve been around for years and they want to share these awesome tips in order to help newbies like you! Well, no matter how long you’ve been around in the bodybuilding world, you’ve got to know what keeps people like Roelly Winklaar at the top of their game.

Speaking of Roelly, he says that genes really play a big role in building muscle. He said that they grow quickly and easily that he can’t train them more than once every three weeks or else they blow out of proportion and end up making his biceps look too small. He maintains the size using pressing exercises for the chest and shoulders. Also, he’s not into using extremely heavy weights. Rather, he uses moderate loads that he can control better as well as those that focus on contraction.

In growing his triceps, he didn’t have to do any crazy methods. He does a certain move that lets him increase triceps size. This exercise would be the dumbbell kickback. It’s a free-weight extension movement that had successful effects on him. For more tips from Roelly and the pros, check this out:

Mass Training Secrets of the Olympians 

MD readers should be aware of the enormous role genetics play in bodybuilding, so the following confession Roelly made to me about his triceps in 2010 shouldn’t shock you too much. “They actually grow so easily that I can’t train them more often than once every three weeks, or else they grow out of proportion and make my biceps look too small. I can maintain them the rest of the time just from the work they do assisting in pressing exercises for the chest and shoulders. Read more…

Muscle and Performance gives us the ultimate plan for gaining mass in just a span of three months. That’s quite a short amount of time! You might be thinking that something like this might be quite challenging. It’s not going to be as hard as you think.

If it’s about gaining mass, everyone’s considered as an expert. A lot of people do it on their own and do a lot of stunts just to get them huge. This is actually what makes it difficult task for an average lifter. It gets harder to identify which steps are really needed to gain mass.

There are things that you can apply in your training routine so you can get the results that you want. There are three of them presented here. These are quite practical especially in adding bulk to your frame within a three-month period. The first truth: muscle size increase when you use big lifts within the 8-12 rep range. Some want to insist that a high-rep set triggers new growth. However, it appears that the middle ground works just fine for everyone if executed correctly.

For other tips, check it out:

The 3-Month Mass-Gain Plan

Luckily, there are a few universal truths that anyone can apply to elicit the gains he or she is looking for. We not only present three of them here, but our expert also used each of them to craft the accompanying mass-gain program, making it a proficient and practical method to gain an appreciable amount of new muscle over the next three months. Read more…

T-Nation talks about these methods to effectively increase muscle size. If you’re someone who wants to undergo a mass building program, you’ve got to shift your focus from your abs to your overall muscle mass. The best movements for building muscle involve just a short list. You can do these religiously when you start your training. Remember, you can be the master for gaining muscle if you’re an expert in doing the moves. If you want to put on some bulk fast, you’ve got to add these guidelines in your training regimen.

The first one involves the exclusion of everything else. You have got to pay attention to gaining a significant amount of muscle mass first before you start worrying about your six-pack. The second one: spending time under the bar. Find ways how you can carry loads and move weights for a couple of minutes without releasing the load.

The third tip is about eating. You’ve got to put an end to calorie restrictions just for a while. Don’t act like you’re a college teenager. You must eat when you participate in this plan. Another one is resting: you have to master this one because it will eventually have a greater effect on your gains. For more ways on gaining mass, check this one out:

10 Secrets to Building Mass

If you have 14-inch arms and want to start a mass building program, don’t worry about your stupid abs (for a while.) The best movements for mass building make up a very short list and you need to do them every time you train, as mastery of the movements is a key to mass building. There’s something magical about mass gains around the 5-10 rep range and the last century of strength enthusiasts will bear this out, too. Read more…  

Weight Gain Network shares these 3 Mass Building Secrets From A Fitness Model:

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