Neck Lat Pull downs You Should Take Note Of!

Neck Lat Pulldowns You Should Take Note Of!

Flex Online discusses the truth about this controversial move: behind the neck lat pull downs. They’re saying that not all studies should be immediately considered as factual. Others tend to think it’s the truth without carefully analyzing that these studies need years of investigations and trials before proving a point or a certain subject.

We all want to rely on scientists who are publishing their work about the weight training studies. We would want to give them our full trust however, let’s try to think about this general fact: there are many good researchers but there are those who mess up from time to time.

A study from Brazil concluded that the front lat pull down was better than its counterpart, the behind-the-neck pulldown. However, the two versions did not produce any difference in muscle activity in the lats. Find out more about the results below:

The Truth About The Exercise

Not all scientific studies should be accepted as fact. You’d like to believe that research scientists who are publishing studies on weight training know what they’re doing. Unfortunately, much as there are numerous bad personal trainers out there, there are numerous bad researchers. Read more…

Tiger Fitness tells us that lat pull downs are great moves for adding width to your back. If you can notice, it’s always involved in any workout program. You can totally benefit from this kind of exercise.

This primarily puts work on your latissimus dorsi, but other muscles are called into action throughout the exercise. It’s even so popular that there are quite a lot of variations. One of these is the Lat Pulldown Behind the Neck.

Now, this one can get a bit controversial. The move has been blacklisted by some because they claim that it can potentially cause injury. However, doing a search over the Internet can give examples of bodybuilders executing the move. It’s true that it has certain risks if performed incorrectly. That’s why there’s a need for you to educate yourself in order to avoid these situations.

How to Perform the Behind the Neck Version

Lat pulldowns are a great way to add width to your back and are almost always included in every workout program. With results similar to the time tested pull up, forcing the weight down in a lat pulldown machine is an exercise everyone can benefit from. Read more…

Live Healthy Chron talks about the proper technique in performing the exercise. The move generally hits the latissimus dorsi muscles. These are the muscles that are located in the middle of your back. These are performed in front of your chest, using a horizontal bar that’s attached to a cable.

However, this exercise harbors different opinions expressed by health experts. Some question the safety of this move as neck strain is a common problem associated with the motion.

Though this is the case, in the book “The Men’s Health Home Workout Bible,” editors Lou Schuler and Michael Mejia discussed the safety of this exercise. Practicing proper form and not feeling any discomfort are good indicators that you can perform the move. Take a look at more tips here for safe execution:

How To Execute the Exercise

Lat pulldowns are usually performed in front of the chest with a horizontal bar attached to a cable. There is some differing opinion among fitness experts about whether behind-the-neck lat pulldowns are safe, as neck strain is a common issue from the motion. Read more…

 Take a look at Ronnie Coleman’s Lat Pull Down (Behind The Neck) | Back Exercise #2:

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