Rules For Building Muscle

Building Muscle With CytoGainer

Rules For Building Muscle

It is really important to follow a good set of rules here and there, especially when working out and establishing some sort of a guideline to help remind you the reason why you are building muscle and what steps you are taking to make it work.


Reinforcing the principles critical to gaining muscle isn’t such a remedial course after all. If it were, there would be a lot more big, muscular men walking around than there currently are. Said pro-bodybuilder and world champion Dorian Yates breaks down the basic rules in building muscle. Read more…

Of course, muscle-building will not be successful without proper nutrition and a well-planned diet that would sustain and nourish your physical goals. Let health guru Jim Stoppani, PhD and fitness author Joe Wuebben teach you how important nutrition and diet is for your muscle-gaining workout program.

Muscle Food: 10 Nutrition Rules To Build Muscle

Bodybuilders, trainers and diet gurus alike (at least those worth their salt) will tell you that bodybuilding is more than 50% nutrition. We tend to agree, especially where the novice is concerned. Beginners or those heading back into the gym after a layoff can expect to make some serious gains in strength and mass from a regular training program, but not without a solid nutrition program. Bottom line, the more serious you are about your nutrition, the more serious your gains will be. Read more…

There are ways with which you can gain muscle with all the gym gear available, but can you do it without the equipment? In fact, what matters is how the body is putting all things together like workouts, exercises, simple moves

Rules for Building Muscle With Calisthenics

Muscle tensioning is key to effective muscle building. You can build muscle with calisthenic exercise according to fitness and bodyweight expert Matt Schifferle.

Many experts agree that building muscle is more than just the action of pumping iron, rather it functions in coordination with proper diet, nutrition and rest.

CytoGainer from Cytosport can help provide the nutrition aspect of your muscle-building training, as it provides the muscles with all the right nutrients to spur muscle growth and health, as well as aids in muscle recovery after the workouts.

Knowing the essentials is important so getting the right combination of work, rest and nutrition, you’ll be guaranteed of great results.