Bodybuilding Legends Share Rules For Massive Arms

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Bodybuilding Legends Share Rules For Massive Arms

At 45 years old, Dexter Jackson proves that age is a just a mere number as proven by his colossal physique and an impressive runner-up finish at 2015 Mr. Olympia last year. One of his most talked about assets is his large pair of guns. Talking to Muscular Development,Jackson shares his personal five rules for massive arms so that you can get them too.

The arms are a smaller muscle group than something like back or legs,” Dexter begins, “but you still see so many guys doing as much if not more for them. Read more…

The biceps are perhaps the most noticeable muscle ever. With a little flex, you can pop those rocks out with ease. That is if you are training your biceps right. To do just that, you need to do more than just bicep curls. Bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger sets his own rules for massive arms in his website.

We all know that using a variety of exercises helps make our arm workouts (and all other weight training workouts for that matter) more versatile and more effective. But, it’s important to understand that simply changing the exercises doesn’t always mean you’re hitting your biceps in a different way. Read more…

Sometimes, the rules for massive arms need not to be strict. An article from Men’s Health suggests that mixing things up when it comes to training your arms have tons of benefits in tow.

Hammering away at one exercise won’t give you arms that pop – you have to work the full spectrum of muscle fibers throughout your arm in multiple ways from multiple angles. Read more…

Take these rules to heart and do them with a furious intent and you will soon be rocking huge guns yourself in no time. CytoSport Complete Whey supplies your body with the right amount of proteins to help you power through your arm workouts and get the results you want without you burning out.