Get Ready For These Aggressive Workout Programs

Get Ready For These Aggressive Workout Programs

Popsugar author Dominique Astorino tells us why boxing has become a fad in 2016. Before the year ends, let’s recap a quick history as to how it became an instant trend.

Celebrity influence was a major contributing factor to the popularity of the sport. From people like Gigi Hadid, Ellie Goulding, and Demi Lovato, it’s not a wonder why people have gone from indoor cycling to explosive boxing. 

2016 Was the Year Boxing Became the New Indoor Cycling

While 2015 was an explosive year for indoor cycling, the heavy bag and Everlast gloves dethroned stationary bikes on our Instagram feeds this year. Let’s take a look at some factors in its popularity (and why you should definitely try it in 2017). Read more…

Aside from the explosiveness of boxing, we also have agressive strength training workout programs from Mike Mahler. You can turn this into your own guide for a challenging workout.

His first principle: if your aim is to increase in size, strength, and power, you’ll need to take it up a notch. Make sure though that you start with moderate volume and gradually increase in your set and rep count over time.

Aggressive Strength Training Programs #1

If your goal is to increase size, strength, and power then you need to crank up the volume. However, this is easier said than done and many trainees make the mistake of jumping into high volume training too soon. A better approach is to start with a moderate volume and gradually increase the sets and reps. Read more…

Mike Simone from Men’s Fitness gives us a list of workout programs that are set to change your image.

Set your goals right and you’re on your way to achieving a great physique. Motivation is something that fuels your success, and if you make it right, you can absolutely reach your goals. You’ve got to have enough will, put in some hard work, and invest in long hours of training.

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Check this Fast Chest and Abs workout fro Six Pack Shortcuts & Abs After 40  (Explosive):

If you want to increase your endurance and your strength during these intense sessions, combine your routine with Cytosport Cytomax Powder.

Aside from endurance, you get to improve your muscle strength and it promotes re-hydration too. 

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