The Best Way To Do Interval Training

The Best Way To Do Interval Training

The Best Way To Do Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most effective methods to lose fat fast. There may be several methods and it would be a good idea to allow you to take your pick from among the most popular ones today.

The best interval training ideas are often the best ways to give you the best results.

The editors from Iron Magazine shares a study on the benefits of interval training and what it can do for the body

The Best Way To Do Interval Training

Even more explosive exertion, for even shorter bursts, with even shorter rests in between: according to sports scientists at Lillehammer University College in Norway this is the best way to make interval training even more effective.

The Norwegians did an experiment for 10 weeks with just under twenty well-trained cyclists. All the cyclists did interval training for about 40 minutes twice a week. They combined the interval training with their regular training.

Half of the cyclists did more or less classical interval training: cycling for 4.5 minutes as fast as they could and then 2.5 minutes cycling gently to recover. They repeated this cycle until the 40 minutes were up. [LI]

The other half of the cyclists did a more explosive kind of interval training, with shorter cycles: they cycled as fast as they could for 30 seconds and then cycled gently for 15 seconds. They repeated this cycle for 9 minutes and then rested for 3 minutes. Then they started a second series, completing a total of 3 series. [SI]

Both interval-training schemes were equally intensive. The amount of effort the cyclists expended was the same for both kinds of interval training and the cyclists experienced them as equally tiring. But the training with the shortest intervals was more effective.

The VO2max of the cyclists in the SI group increased significantly, whereas it did not for the cyclists in the LI group. Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) is the most important predictor of endurance capacity. Read the full article

Anybody can decide to lose weight and burn fat at the same time according to Jason Karp, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist and a nationally-recognized running coach who is the founder of Dr. Karp’s Run-Fit Boot Camp in San Diego. 

Interval Training: Short Workouts That Really Pay Off

Less time in the gym doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fitness if you know this secret: Interval training. Research shows that interval training—workouts in which you alternate periods of high-intensity exercise with low-intensity recovery periods—increases fitness and burns more calories over a short period of time than steady-state cardio (you know: just doing the same thing for your whole workout time).

So how do you get the most out of interval training, and how long should each push and recovery be? One of the many great things about intervals is that there’s no single hard-and-fast rule. Different lengths of work and recovery bring different benefits—and they’re all good.

Start with these three interval training plans. Just know this: Interval training is tough, so if you’re just starting to work out, spend a few weeks to a month building your stamina with cardio workouts before adding interval training to your routine. Add these interval training plans to your gym routine once a week to burn more calories, build more fitness, and get out of the gym faster.

1. Cardio Blaster
This is one of the best interval training workouts you can do to improve fitness. It burns lots of calories in a short amount of time.
How to do it:
•Warm up for 15 minutes.
•Then run, bike, or row for 3 minutes at 90 to 95 percent of your maximum heart rate (should feel like 8.5 or 9 on a scale of 1 to 10). Take 3 minutes active recovery (you’re still moving, but at an easy pace) and repeat the 3 on/3 off pattern 3 to 4 more times.
•Finish with a 10-minute cooldown.
Bonus benefit: This workout is like weight training for your heart—it strengthens your cardiovascular system, which improves your overall health.

2. Speedplay
Sprinting is great for tightening and toning your legs, glutes, and core. It increases your muscle power, which helps you push harder and makes your non-interval training workouts feel easier so you can challenge yourself and burn even more calories.
How to do it: 
•Warm up for 15 minutes, adding a few 20-second bursts at the end to prepare for the workout.
•Run, bike, or row for 30 seconds at a nearly all-out effort. Take 3 minutes active recovery and repeat the 30 on/3 off pattern 5 or 6 more times.
•Finish with a 10-minute cooldown.
Bonus benefit: Because of its very high intensity, this workout is very short. Read the full article

If you feel the need to pump up the volume to help you with some real-time fitness workouts, here are 10 of the best interval training workouts you can play online when working out. Fitness writer Author Annette McDermott shares some of the best and most popular interval workouts today.

10 Best Interval Training Workout Videos

If you want to add intensity to your workout routine or take it to the next level, consider interval training. The workouts are fun, effective, and adaptable for any fitness level.

What is interval training?

Interval training is a terrific way to get the most out of your workout time. It alternates high-intensity bursts of exercise with low-intensity recovery periods. If your weight loss has plateaued, interval training gives your metabolism a much-needed boost.

Interval exercise and recovery times vary depending on your stamina and physical condition. Interval training offers the following benefits:

improved overall fitness

increased post-exercise fat and calorie burning

improved insulin function

healthier brain function

You don’t have to take an expensive class at the gym to do interval training. All you need is space in your home and a computer with a wireless connection to take advantage of these motivating workouts. Watch the videos

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Indeed, with great power comes great responsibility- and the same adage goes with workouts, literally, if you want more power in those ripped abs, be sure to carry on the responsibility of sustaining and maintaining it.

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