These Are Burning Circuits That’ll Torch Your Fat

Best Fat Burning Circuits

These Are Burning Circuits That’ll Torch Your Fat

People burn fat differently. There are those who were supremely gifted with fast metabolisms. But for those of us mere mortals who rely on our diet and exercise, let’s take heed of these fat-burning circuit routines to shed good pounds before December starts.

Those holiday pounds are going to creep their way in to your belly, thighs, and hips. Scared yet? It’s no longer Halloween but if extra fat deposits give you shivers, check these circuit workouts to make sure you retain your glorious figure all throughout the winter holidays.

3 Fat-Burning Circuit Workouts

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We know that it’s cold and you’re getting lazy to get up. But if you don’t, remember the fat storage in your tummy. That’s got to be hard to burn if you don’t start now!

Another motivation: summer is still a couple of months away but you don’t want to be working out during that time of the year while your friends are off gallivanting and beach-hopping. So what are you waiting for? Check out Fitness Magazine’s workout here:

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We understand you just want to get it all together. These workouts will do the job. Take note that these are high-intensity fat-burning circuits that will totally tone that body of yours. Don’t worry – these were highly recommended by the best trainers from Men’s Fitness.

What’s really awesome about these four sets is that you get to shed fat quickly and you get to keep your energy level up. Make sure though that you give your body just enough rest to keep you going for the next set. Check them out now!

Four Ultra-High-Intensity Fat-Burning Circuits

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Check this Fat-Blasting Circuit from POPSUGAR Fitness:

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