Labels And Nutrition Facts: Should I Be Counting Calories?

Labels And Nutrition Facts: Should I Be Counting Calories?

Muscle and Strength exposes the truth about calorie counting and lying labels. Are you surprised? No? There are still individuals, part of the general population who truly trust food labels.

Sorry to break it to you sweetheart. Some can get confusing and misleading. That’s why we want you to be more aware, as much as possible about the instances why sometimes nutrition labels can’t be trusted. Check this out:

Lying Labels: Exposing the Truth on Calorie Counts

Can you really trust the nutritional facts on the back of food packaging? What about the health claims laid out on the front? Read this article to find out! I have a PhD and I still find nutrition labels confusing at times. Read more… wants you to find out if the information on your grocery items is trustworthy or just plainly lying to your face. In the supermarket, you can often find words claiming, “low-fat, and ““all-natural,” sugar-free.” How much of this is really true?

There are misleading supermarket labels that need to be investigated in order to check what’s really in your favourite products. Are you ready for this? Check it out: 

Food Label Lies

But how can you know if they’re telling you the whole truth? We’ve investigated some popular but misleading supermarket labels to break down what’s really in your favourite foods. Read more…

Eat This says that there are 6 biggest food label lies. Numerous claims about nutrition are already posted on supermarket shelves. You can see descriptions that are quite tempting because it somehow implies a “healthier choice.”

The thing is, is it truly healthy though? How can you tell? Are you even aware of this? This is why Eat This has prepared a short guide how to spot big fat lies at the grocery store:

The 6 Biggest Food Label Lies

As an Eat This, Not That! reader, you know that many of the barking nutritional claims on the supermarket shelves—and the dazzling descriptions on your favourite restaurant menus—are nothing but a pile of baloney, sandwiched between two slices of toasted flimflammery. (Yum!)  Read more…

This video from Daniel Penz tackeles: “Are food Labels lying to you?”

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