Lighter Running Shoes For Runners Make You Faster

Lighter Running Shoes For Runners Make You Faster

It seems like having a lighter shoe might increase your chances of winning that race. Research has shown that people tend to run slower when wearing heavy sneakers. We know that wearing heavy shoes make us work harder when running. Experts have a theory that this makes it difficult for athletes and would likely slow them down.

The researchers from University of Colorado Boulder want to make sure that this is true so they conducted this study. For three weeks, 18 runners need to complete 3,000-meter time trials on an indoor track.

Lighter Running Shoes Really Can Make You Faster

By themselves, the shoes weighed 7 to 8 ounces each, depending on size. The pellets added about 3.5 ounces (or the weight of a deck of cards) per shoe for one pair, and about 10.6 ounces per shoe for the second pair. Read more… continues the story. The researchers noted though that it doesn’t mean that it’s going to make you a fast runner. The previous research of this team concluded that proper cushioning lowers the energy cost. Swapping out the cushioning or padding for a streamlined design can potentially have negative effects.

The study lead author, Wouter Hoogkamer, PhD, says that lighter isn’t always better. He tells consumers this when buying shoes: choose light but still cushioned well.

Lighter Shoes Can Make You Faster

He recommends that shoppers keep this trade-off in mind when choosing a running shoe that feels good—lightweight still but adequately cushioned—on their feet. The study was funded by Nike and published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Read more… explains that there are a lot of benefits if you have lightweight shoes. These trainers mean you’ll have less impact and fatigue. This also means you get to recover faster. This is really good for long term results.

Aside from that, wearing this kind of footwear gives you the edge. Running with soft footsteps can be great for a lot of runners. If you have good form already, running can be effortless for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dash or a marathon: you’re good to go.

Lighter Running Shoes Are Better in the Long Run

If you have good form with a natural running (midfoot/forefoot) gait and you wear lightweight shoes, running can put you in a state of euphoric bliss as you effortlessly click off the miles. Everything flows together harmoniously and efficiently, no matter if you’re running a minute or a marathon.Read more…

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