Meet Your Fitness Goals: Couple Workout Routines

Meet Your Fitness Goals: Couple Workout Routines

Working out with a significant other surely is great. This will absolutely add some excitement to your daily workout. Your once boring set can turn interesting because of your partner.

Jenessa Connor from says that couples who workout together strengthen their relationship even more. You and your partner can get a lot of benefits from this. When you want to spice up your routine or just want to save time, this can be the right workout for you!

For adults nowadays, obligations concerning work and family come first. Health gets pushed way behind the line wherein it should be prioritized. If you want to change this, you can succeed especially when you’ve got your partner’s full support.

5 Reasons to Work Out With Your Partner

Couples who work out together are on to something. Partner exercises not only add variety to training sessions but also can strengthen a couple’s relationship. From saving time to spicing up a regular routine, the benefits are numerous. So grab your significant other, hit the gym and get ready to reap the rewards. Read more…

Let’s check out Phil Gephart’s version of the couple workout. He says that this program can totally build intimacy between sweethearts. Both of you will share the rewards later on, but the most important thing about this routine is that you share the work together. Couples get to spend time with each other and it allows them to motivate one another.

The workout consists of a push day and a pull day. Couples can perform these exercises together in order for them to develop mass and burn fat. This gets boosted by the individual work incorporated into the exercise. There are workouts designed for the men and those for women. The guys will do some work to strengthen the arms while the girls will perform some for their hips and glutes.


For those of you in relationships, this program will serve as a intimacy-builder. Not presently attached? Getting fit quick can serve to remedy that. Got someone in your sights? Invite them to share this workout with you for a few weeks to see if any sparks fly. Read more…

Sarah Williams from says that healthy living is the key to a strong relationship. When of you look good, you feel good about yourselves and you’ll find it fulfilling. Motivation and accountability are two important factors in maintaining this lifestyle. Make your partner your motivation and be accountable for each other’s actions.

The author says that it can be quite overwhelming for some people she came up with ways how to make it simple for couple. She referenced Amanda Pennino’s article about working out with a partner. 

Couples Workout – The Fitness Guide for Two

A healthy and fit lifestyle is one of the key pillars to having a strong, enduring, and passionate relationship with your partner. If you look good you feel good, multiplied by the power of two, you’ll both find yourselves in the best shape of your lives. Read more…

If you want to go ahead and spice it up, add these workouts to your routine:

If you’re both determined to lose some weight or enhance your performance during your workout, Cytomax might be good for you. It helps your body rehydrate and refuel after intense workouts.

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