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Effective Treadmill Workout For Fitness

People often think that effective treadmill workout is impossible, after all, you can only either walk or run on it. In fact, they might be surprised to find out that a treadmill machine can pack a punch when it comes to total body workouts.

As they say, it’s how you make us of your gym equipment that lets you get the results you desire. Use it properly, it pays you back. But if you just look at it, then don’t expect to get anything out of it,

The authors from fitness site gives you some of the innovative workouts you can do with your treadmill at home or at the gym

How to Double the Effectiveness of a Treadmill Workout

Your treadmill workout will only be as effective as you make it. If you keep your run slow and stately, you’ll see limited progress. Those who never push themselves on the treadmill will burn fat very slowly, and they’ll never really get the results they want. Here are a few simple tips to help you max out the effectiveness of your treadmill workout:

Do sprint training — Sprint training is simple: 30 seconds of full-speed sprinting, followed by 60 to 90 seconds of low-speed jogging. It’s more than just an epic cardio workout, but it also helps to build lower body muscle. Throw in at least one day of sprint training per week to max out your workouts! With just 20 minutes, you’ll burn more calories than you would with 45 minutes of jogging.

Adjust the speed and incline — There are days when a slow, serene jog works, but on other days, you have to throw in some hill work or fast-paced running. The faster or steeper your run, the more you’ll push your body to its limits. Most treadmills come with pre-set programs you can use to increase the intensity of your run.

Run with weights — This is not recommended for extended periods, but it can be good for short-term training. Hold a pair of light dumbbells in your hands for 2 to 3 minutes as you run, and you’ll give your biceps and forearms a great workout. Wear ankle weights, and you’ll push your legs hard. The added weight increases the intensity of your workout!

Don’t just walk forward — To really make the most of the treadmill, try walking or jogging backwards or shuffling from side to side. This will give you an awesome leg workout, test your coordination, and force your body to work harder. You don’t need to set a fast pace, but switch things up to work your hips, knees, and ankles effectively.

Tackle more hills — If you enjoy low intensity, steady state jogs, you can make your long-distance jog harder by adding a few inclines. It will challenge your leg muscles and push your cardiovascular system, but it won’t place extra strain on your knees and calf muscles. Read full article

 Don’t worry if you are just starting out, who hasn’t? Take you’re a trip to the gym and one of the common things that you see is a treadmill machine. But before you take a step on it, do you know how to make good use of it?

Let fitness trainer and writer Michael Foley fill you in on some of the ideal treadmill routines from beginners to advanced fitness fanatics.

No Matter What Your Mood, We Have a Treadmill Workout For You

While there’s nothing quite like running outdoors, unruly weather sometimes makes it impossible. For those rainy or blustery days, there’s the trusty treadmill. Whether you’re a beginner runner or have a few marathons under your belt, we’ve got a running workout for you. From a run that mimics going up and down San Francisco hills to another that has you ascending a mountain, you’ll swear you’re actually running outside.

Getting started: If you’re new to running, then try our 40-minute beginner treadmill workout. The workout combines walking and running to get your heart rate up while also priming your body for distance and speed. If you feel like the workout is too easy or hard, then play around with the speed, but be sure to give your body time to adjust to the physical demands of running for the first time. Once you’re ready, try out our 300-calorie workout, or if you need something a bit shorter, try our 30-minute beginner treadmill workout.

Walk-jog workout: Once you’re feeling a bit more comfortable on the treadmill, give this workout that mixes walking and jogging a chance. The 60-minute workout alternates between walking briskly, jogging, and running slowly; plan to burn around 300 calories. If you’re in a rush, this 42-minute version will put you to work.

Switch to sprints: Once you feel like you’ve mastered the walk and jog combination, try stepping up the pace. This 30-minute interval workout is a great way to start increasing your speed. Mix up your routine with a sprinting and walking workout to help boost your endurance. Then, once you’re ready for a tough challenge, give this60-minute interval workout a try.

Sweat like a celebrity: This 30-minute treadmill workout from celeb favorite Barry’s Bootcamp is full of intervals, hill work, and sprints, which will challenge both your endurance and your speed. Or give the 25-minute version a try. In short: these workouts are anything but boring. Get ready to push it. Read full article

It can happen to anyone, a new schedule, new gym or a new assignment just gave you less time to do your workouts – you are given an hour at most and that’s it. Fret no more. There are calorie burning workouts on a treadmill that can get you that fat burning results in less than one hour.

Let author and fitness expert Annabelle Robertson

5 Calorie-Burning Treadmill Workouts

Bored with the treadmill? Not seeing the results you want? It’s time to supercharge your treadmill time.

Treadmill workouts can be some of the most efficient, challenging, calorie-burning routines around.

The key is intervals. With intervals, instead of trudging along at a steady pace, you’ll mix up your speed and add floor exercises into your routine.

Here are five treadmill workouts designed by Cindy Wasilewski, fitness manager at The Lodge at Woodloch, a Pennsylvania spa, and Jeff Baird, owner of Chaos Conditioning in Atlanta. You’ll get a great workout in 20, 30, or 60 minutes.

Keep an eye on your heart rate to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout but not pushing too hard. First, calculate your maximum heart rate, which is 220 minus your age. If you’re a beginner, shoot for 50% to 65% of your maximum heart rate; 60% to 75% if intermediate level; and 70% to 85% for experienced exercisers. Adjust the following workouts as necessary to keep your heart rate in these ranges.

Besides a treadmill, you’ll need hand weights and a stability ball for the floor exercises. As always, check with your doctor before you start a new exercise program. Read full article

Start putting back that treadmill that you stowed away in your attic and plan your regular exercise activities or if you are in a gym, use the treadmill to get you worked up.

Begin your workout by doing speed intervals, not only does it give a good cardio workout, it also lets you burn fat.

Supplementation is also proven to be one of the best, yet safest ways to boost your workout program in order to get optimal results and with some nutritional support from Complete Whey from Cytosport, a high quality whey protein that help provide essential nutrients for the muscles to promote muscle development, health and recovery, you are guaranteed with good results.

Learn Proper Running Techniques: Get Ahead Of The Game

learn proper running techniques

For many, working out is more than just a desire to stay fit- it is a way to prove that you can be better than the rest and to learn proper running techniques is to make you be the best among the rest.

Let’s admit it, you want a big biceps and chest, but you want to have it bigger than your gym buddy or the guy working out beside you. You may not shout it to the world, but deep inside you have that longing and don’t worry, many people think that way too.

It’s all a matter of giving it your best and giving it your all to make you get what you are aspiring for. Being lazy gets you nowhere, but giving it your best, gives you that edge to be a step ahead.

Make your workouts a cinch and let others envy you for your best features. Stand tall and proud and let fitness expert Eric Velasquez, NSCA-CSCS teach you how.

Run This Way

Those new to CrossFit may think that it’s all about snatches, kettlebells and kips. But those who have been around the block a few times — literally — know better. Many of the existing workouts in the CrossFit curriculum feature runs of various lengths, in addition to the normal barrage of lifts, jumps and pulls.

“More than half of the Hero workouts and half of the new Girls have a running component,” Lyons says. “Depending on the affiliates’ programming or the focus of their current cycle, 30 to 40 percent of workouts may have a running component. Some may have a higher frequency than others.”

In other words, you may end up spending more time running than any other single skill during your time at a CrossFit gym. All too often, however, the run becomes the most overlooked component of a WOD. So why has running been abandoned by so many coaches and athletes?

“I have no idea,” Lyons says. “Viewing the run as an afterthought is a missed opportunity to perform at your best. Improving run splits within a WOD can make all the difference. For some CrossFitters, running is an expensive, time-consuming element in the WOD, and they need to fight back to dig out of the time deficiency created from less-than-optimal running. Read full article

Different strokes for different folks, so the saying goes that aptly applies to any type of workout or training program, so is the same with running.

It does not mean that if you are short-legged, you do not stand a chance against long-legged runners, what happens is that the former develops a technique that makes him more effective against the latter.

USA Track & Field Level 1 certified coach Jason Fitzgerald shows you how to learn proper running techniques and how you can ace the rest of your competition.

3 Simple Tricks to Improve Running Form (And Have the Best Run Ever)

Do a quick Internet search for “proper running form” and you’ll get lost in scientific jargon: swing phase, stance time, loading rate, stretch reflex. But if you’re like me, you don’t need (or want) to know the nitty gritty science behind good form. You just want to know how to do it!

Instead of focusing on the overwhelming (not to mention boring) technicalities, stick to these simple, easy-to-implement, and actionable running tricks. Not only will improving form dramatically cut your risk of overuse injuries so you can run consistently, but you’ll also enjoy it more and likely get even faster! The best part? You can do each of these things right now.

One important disclaimer: If you’ve been running for years and don’t have problems with injury or recurring aches and pains, you probably don’t need to alter how you run. Experienced runners who make significant changes to their form often become less efficient. That’s right—their form actually gets worse.”

Many new runners tend to over-stride and reach out with their foot to take a longer stride. This creates a heel-smashing, aggressive foot strike that should be avoided because it sends far too much impact shock through the leg.

But heel-striking isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The truth is that it doesn’t really matter where on your foot you land with each step; there are enormously successful runners who are fore-, mid-, and heel-strikers! The most important aspect is actually where your foot lands in relation to the rest of your body, rather than what part of your foot touches the ground first.” Read full article

New to running? No problem. People may find running to be a good alternative routine from the usual gym workouts and lifting sessions. It provides a excellent cardio, strength and endurance programs all rolled into one package.

But running is more than just sprinting and bolting off, you need to have a good form to be able to make the most out of your jogging and running exercises, especially if you want to compete in marathons or triathlon challenges.

Running coach Brendan Cournane provides a scientific and practical perspective on proper running forms and how you can optimize your running workouts to help you with your desired results.

Good Running Form for Beginners

For any runner to achieve the best race results, running efficiently—relaxed and with good form—is required. More than anything else, practicing good running form will carry you to the finish line safely and enjoyably.

The adage, “Listen to your body” is an important rule for maintaining good form.

When we maintain good body position—head over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over the mid-foot upon landing and arms swinging directly ahead—we run with good form and use less energy to run faster. If your arms, shoulders or back hurt or feel tense during training, you need a form adjustment.

New runners can learn proper running form by avoiding “zipper lines” and “chicken wings” while “holding chips.” These three easy visual cues are telltale signs that running form is breaking down. Fortunately, when we listen to our bodies and recognize these inefficiencies, each faulty habit is easily corrected.

Form Fix 1: Zipper Lines

Running is a linear sport. Many runners spend a great deal of energy twisting their upper bodies, fighting the efforts of the lower body. Think of the zipper line on a jacket running down the center of your torso. If your hands cross that zipper line, the shoulders and the top half of the body usually follow the hands. The torque created from the waist up is energy that could be used to run faster.

Periodically, glance down at the position of your hands at the front part of your arm swing. If you see your thumb and forefinger, your hands are likely crossing the zipper line. A slight adjustment is all that’s needed. Hold your hands a little wider from your body, slightly wider than your hips. As your arm swings back, think about reaching into your back pocket. This extends your reach further in a straight line with less crossing over the zipper line. Read full article

Just like with any workout, running causes your body to get tired and muscles get stressed and spent. Supplementing on nutrition like CytoGainer from Cytosport can help you maximize your workout routines and give you the best physical results.

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Successful Marathon Run: Preparation and Conditioning

creating a marathon plan

Running a marathon is not just taking off on the road and leaving everything to chance. In fact, it needs a certain amount of discipline and determination to let you develop that motivation and the will to finish your race.

For starters, it is best to plan your running program with regards to distance and endurance, which must be carefully planned out so that your goals are more realizable than planning to do a cross country run and end up not finishing it at all.

Let author and fitness coach Patrick McRann help you create an effective plan to prepare for your marathon event

How to Create Your Marathon Nutrition Plan

The period of time leading into your next marathon brings a lot of distinct challenges separate to the race itself: tapering, traveling, eating, sleeping, etc. While important, these disparate elements don’t matter as much as the fitness you bring to the starting line and the plan you have in place to reach the finish line.

Those two key factors aside, there’s one more element of your marathon day that will make or break your ability to reach the finish line on time–your nutrition. Few things are worse than having excellent fitness, a great plan, the perfect day to race and then watching it all fall apart because your nutrition failed.

This article will break down how to plan out your race nutrition plan given what’s available on the race course. The goal is to help you create a simple, repeatable solution that makes fuelling so easy that you forget about it. Please note: This is only about nutrition consumed while running, not day-to-day food guidance. Read full article…

Indeed, your marathon race does not begin at the starting point but at the moment you decide to take on the challenge.

Preparation and careful planning is key to conditioning the physical and mental aspects of running a successful marathon as pointed out by trainer and fitness coach Josh Clark

Marathon Training Plan and Schedule

New runners in particular should not feel pressed to rush to the marathon; to begin the racing experience with the marathon is to start at the wrong end. Give yourself time and experience racing the shorter distances. Running a marathon is not something to be done lightly or without adequate preparation and training. It requires seriousness and dedication.

There are as many reasons to run a marathon as there are marathoners, but running to finish, to survive, is at the core of every marathon experience. In the words of the late running guru Dr. George Sheehan, “The truth is that every runner in a marathon is a survivor or nothing, including the winner. Read full article…

New to marathon running? Don’t be intimated because the last thing that would come to mind is you taking on the challenge of testing yourself to the limits.

Marathon running is not just a competition with other marathon runners, rather a mental challenge that you wage with yourself – to conquer your own strength and endurance to be able to emerge victorious and it needs to start at some point.

As fitness expert and licensed physical therapist David Jeter shares how to start waging that personal battle from ground zero and working your way up to the big leagues.

A Training Schedule for Marathon Beginners

A training schedule for marathon beginners that will provide a balanced plan should look at the two components to long-distance running: cardiovascular fitness and musculoskeletal resilience (your muscle and skeleton’s ability to bounce back). As race distance increases, there is a much larger musculoskeletal resilience factor than a cardiovascular fitness component. In other words, if you are going to race short, fast races, you need the ability to get oxygen from the atmosphere to your mitochondria as fast as possible.

If you are planning to run all day, you need the ability to tolerate compressive and ground reaction forces on your musculoskeletal system. A marathon fits into a middle ground that challenges both components. While some elite runners are taking their cardiovascular system to the limit for two hours, those of us who take twice as long will likely feel the stress in our joints and muscles by the last six miles. Read full article…

Getting to the finish line can be very tiring and what better way to help nourish and energize the body than with Cytomax from Cytosport.

Cytomax is a nutrient-based energy drink formulated to enhance energy and stamina when doing your exercise routines, at the same time provide proper nutrition for the muscles to aid in growth and maintain proper health.

Superhero Abs Are Not Impossible

Moves For Superhero Abs

Now, who doesn’t want to have those killer abs that make you look like the true symbol of a superhero – a champion of truth and justice. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, let’s start off with some of the best total core workouts that lets you get those ripped abs.


There’s no doubting that conventional ab exercises like the crunch strengthen the abs, but they also pull your spine out of position, which can set you up for lower-back pain down the line. Use the Superman pushup in place of crunching movements, and you’ll build not only heroic abs, but an iron core that will strengthen other lifts like the overhead press and squat.”according personal trainer and fitness expert Michael Schletter as he teaches you how to get those superhero abs. Read more…

Women also want to have their share of wanting to compete with men in the matter of ripped abs. They, too, can have those superhero abs.

How to Get Jennifer Lawrence’s Superhero Abs

As we all know, Jennifer Lawrence is a junk food lover. But despite her proclivity for pizza and fries, she’s also maintained a killer physique,”  according to author Kristina Rodulfo as she writes about how celebrity Jennifer Lawrence does her workouts and gets those superhero abs as shared by her former personal fitness trainer Dalton Wong. Read and watch the video

Now who has seen a pot-bellied superhero making it big on the silver screen? A stong  physique has always been associated with hero-like symbolism.

How to Get a Superhero Body in 90 Days or Less!

Superheroes come in all kinds of packages these days: comedians like Chris Pratt and Seth Rogen, ex-little guys like Robert Downey Jr. The latest bro-next-door to transform into a man of steel? Ant-Man’s Paul Rudd. To which we say: If a goofball like Paul Rudd can do it, then why can’t we? “GQ author Joel Stein writes that if Hollywood celebrities can get those ripped superhero abs, so can you. Read more…

If you want to get those superhero abs consistent workouts and added supplementation can get you there like CytoGainer from Cytosport a full-spectrum formula that provides complete nutrition to help promote muscle growth and development, as well as aids in muscle recovery during pre and post workout periods.

Indeed, with great “powder” comes great responsibility- and the same adage goes with workouts, literally, if you want more power in those ripped abs, be sure to carry on the responsibility of sustaining and maintaining it.

Get Ripped Abs With Pilates

pilates for a shredded six pack

Pilates is one of the best fat burning routines around that will also help shape your body as it works on strengthening the core and other major muscle groups in the body through a series of muscle tensioning moves and exercises.


Do you have a gut or a tight, lean midsection? As a master Pilates instructor for 10 years, I can comfortably say that I know what’s best when it comes to your core. Strength, stamina, and posture are the keys to solid abs. On the following slides, you’ll find five quick and easy Pilates exercises you can do anywhere— even in front of the TV while you watch ESPN highlights.” Said Jenniger Mongeluzo, pilates instructor and fitness expert as she walks you through on the best fat-burning Pilates routines. Read more…

Here is a series of high intensity interval training on Pilates that can help shave off those excess fat and unwanted love handles as FitnessBlender shares some high intensity Pilates routines guaranteed to shed off fat.

Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout – Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend

Pilates has so many healthy body benefits, but it’s really not a big calorie burner. With this Pilates HIIT Blend, we aim to bring you the heart pounding, fat burning cardio you love, mixed in with various Pilates and Pilates inspired exercises. Read and watch the video

One of the common effects of weight loss, especially after shedding off volumes of body fat is flabby skin, especially in the abdominal area. Here are some effective Pilates fat-burning exercises that can help remove that ab flab and help you get that ripped abs.

Lose Your Ab Flab: Fat-Burning Power Pilates

Because cardio is the only thing missing from your Pilates routine, take your moves off the mat with this workout from June Kahn, owner of June Kahn’s Bodyworks and Pilates director at Lakeshore Athletic Club in Boulder, Colorado. Read more…

Optimize your Pilates workouts with Complete Whey from CytoSport– a high quality whey protein supplement that helps provide complete nutrition and muscle growth enhancers that aids in recovery and promotes good muscle health.

Whether you want to maintain a good a healthy body or want to have those six-pack abs, the ideal combination of Pilates and Complete Whey can give you both.

Kickstart Your Cycling Program With Cytomax

Build A Better Body For Cycling

There is no question that cyclists are among the fittest people in the planet and their training regimen is undoubtedly insane and intense. Such are the reasons why many people are considering integrating cycling to their fitness routine. But before you start, you need to have a reliable bike, a fitness plan, and set out your goals. You also need to build a better body for cycling.

If you plan to build a better body for cycling, you need to know that most of the exercises you need to perform does not involve sitting on the saddle and pedalling for hours. Cristina Goyanes for Men’s Fitness listed five moves that will turn your body into a cyclist’s dream bod.


Spending countless hours in the saddle is no longer enough for pro cyclists to win stages or, better yet, get invited to represent their team at prestigious events, like the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France. Fact is, what these elite athletes do indoors is just as important as what they do outdoors. And the same holds true for you. Read more…

It is also quite important to note that more cycling does not necessarily mean more weight loss. A research study led by City University of New York revealed that higher riding frequency does not translate to burning more calories. To build a better body for cycling, lead researcher Dr Herman Pontzer asks that you also include diet in your plans.

More cycling might not mean greater weight loss, according to study

While those who led moderate lifestyles – cycling to work or visiting the gym twice a week – burned 200 calories more than those who were more sedentary, it was found that the number of calories burnt plateaued among those who exercised more. Read more…

Cyclists are among the fittest athletes in the world because they train every major muscle group in their body. If you want to build a better body for cycling, you need to work on your muscles, particularly the core and upper body. Check the YouTube video below to see core exercises for cyclists.

When you train, your body needs high quality carbohydrates to help your body deliver and sustain high levels of energy when training or performing. Building a cyclist bod can be tough but with Cytomax ensures that your body gets the high quality carbohydrates it needs to power through each and every workout.

Cytomax Catching Fire Among Cycling Enthusiasts

Get Real Fit With Tempo Intervals For Cyclists

Cyclists are among the fittest individuals in the world and their training regimen is very intense. Considered by professional cycling racers as a staple routine to their fitness program, tempo interval training for cyclists has become a popular trend even for non-racers. Abby Roberts of Live Strong discussed in length what tempo training is in one of her articles. It may be a brutal workout, Roberts say, but you can start easy and gradually increase the pace and the intensity.

What Is Tempo in Cycling?

Cyclists train in many different ways depending on their goals, time restraints and fitness levels. Often this training consists of riding in certain predefined zones that a rider measures based on a power meter, heart rate monitor or perceived exertion. Each training zone is designed to work on different aspects of a cyclist’s fitness. Read more…

The benefits of integrating tempo intervals for cyclists to your training program are huge. Jordan Shakeshaft listed several good stuffs one can get from tempo interval training such as gaining more speed, building strength and endurance, burning fat.

New Workout: Tempo Intervals for Cyclists

Spinning your wheels with no goal in sight? Turns out we can get way more out of our ride than just the pretty view (or the amazing people-watching from the gym’s stationary bike). Like tempo runs, interval training on the bike can build speed, boost endurance, and burn fat. Read more…

Tempo intervals for cyclists may be designed for racers, but there is no reason why you can’t do it. That being said, the key to every endeavour is to do things right from the very beginning. The same applies to tempo interval training. YouTuber named Vegan Cyclist shares tips on how to get  the most out of this intense but worthwhile workout.

When you need energy during training, get that huge boost with Cytomax Sports Performance Drink. This sports drink delivers significant amounts of alpha-L-Polylactate™ and electrolytes to give your muscles the nutritional support they need when you train.

Using Fasted Cardio To Lose Fat

How I Use Fasted Cardio to Lose Fat

Many debates and arguments have been made about the benefits of fasted cardio. Some say the unique method is advantageous for those who apply its approach while non-believers are quick to retort that such technique presents a significant level of danger, especially to one’s health. But for fitness expert and bodybuilding professional Michael Matthews, fasted cardio is a bit of both.

Some people swear by fasted cardio whereas others say it’s not only ineffective but harmful as well. Well, both are right–it’s effective if you do it right and harmful if you do it wrong. Read more…

As debates rage on, there is no denying that many people are getting converted to the notion that fasted cardio is indeed an effective way to lose weight and grow muscles. Still, while many people champion the benefits of fasted cardio, it is quite imperative that one should also know how fast cardio works and understand the science behind it.

One of the most popular bodybuilding strategies for accelerating fat loss is to perform aerobic exercise after an overnight fast. The strategy is based on acute research showing that low glycogen levels cause your body to shift substrate utilization away from carbs, thereby allowing greater mobilization of stored fat for energy. Read more…

Christine Yu also emphasizes the need to understand not just the benefits of fasted cardio, but also how you can actually reap those benefits. In his article, Yu discusses the merits of fasted cardio and how you can prepare your body so that you can maximize its advantages and veer clear from the risks.

On the surface, it seems to make sense. Exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and your body should burn more fat. After all, without food intake for eight to 12 hours, you’re in a fasted state. With glycogen stores depleted and low morning insulin levels, your body has to turn to other energy sources to power through your workout, and it’s more likely to turn to fat for fuel. Read more… 

You feel fasted cardio is the one you need to torch those unwanted fat and gain more muscle mass? You are not alone. That said, it is essential that you understand how the principles behind fasted cardio operate before you go and gush over the benefits of fasted cardio. Supplement your fasted cardio routines with 100% Whey from CytoSport. This protein supplement gives your body that energy boost it needs to accelerate muscle growth and improve your strength levels.