Many Are Switching Into CrossFit, But Why?

Many Are Switching Into CrossFit, But Why?

Functional fitness is now getting popular not because it can bring out the best results, but it can prove to be good venues to workout, as it can be incorporated in one’s daily functional routines like work, play or recreation.

There are critics and there are experts, but many agree that the scientific results from CrossFit can help maximize the impacts of strength and endurance training, as well as getting the desired results with functional training.

Let competitive athlete and fitness expert Bob LeFavi, PhD show you how it is and what he has discovered that made him advocate for CrossFit programs.

From The Gym to The Box

This is an exciting time in fitness.

The entire fitness industry seems to adapt and change to a new way of thinking just when the ideas of the previous trend have moved beyond maturity. The running boom of the 1970s gave way to the “aerobics” explosion, which then morphed into a gym industry capitalizing on an interest in bodybuilding. In the ensuing years, a more generalized and broad-based appreciation for fitness resulted in the development of large, multidimensional fitness centers.

Now, with the advent of functional fitness, we have a return to “fun,” a sense of community and practical training. And don’t miss that word, advent; it literally means “the coming of something important.”

Functional fitness as an industry and CrossFit as a business are at the forefront of a trend whose immensity we are only just beginning to grasp. And because we are experiencing the inception of something highly popular, that means people are coming to CrossFit from something else. That something else could be a local gym, running, a particular sport or even the couch, but we’re willing to bet that most new CrossFitters come from a local gym. What were they doing at that gym? Probably one of the “big three” weight-training sports — bodybuilding, powerlifting or weightlifting. While there are athletes who program their training to be successful at some combination of the big three, the vast majority have goals focused on only one.

The point is that there will be a transition period for these athletes, meaning their new CrossFit training regimen and experience will be different from what they are used to. And because the positive adaptations they experienced from their training have been specific to whatever training stress they were engaged in before, they have become proficient in some aspects of human performance but are perhaps not so good at others.

So what assets do bodybuilders, powerlifters and weightlifters bring with them to the box, respectively? And what areas of performance will they find challenging? Read on for an analysis of the biggest single advantage and disadvantage these former gym-goers bring with them to functional fitness.Read full article… 

Of course, other than just the desire to stay fit and firm, there are a lot of benefits to glean from CrossFit that many may not be aware about.

Other than what has been mentioned in the article above, there are a lot of other plusses that you can get out of this and here are some of those notable benefits compiled research by the Health Fitness Revolution writers.

Top 10 Health Benefits of CrossFit

For the past 15 years, the biggest craze to hit the fitness industry came in the form of a California-based workout program that emphasized interval training and Olympic weightlifting. It may not be for everyone, but CrossFit is certainly a great way to stay fit and get some variety for those who already have a solid aerobic and strength base.  We must note, however, that it is always most important to listen to one’s own body and it’s limits.

Samir Becic, 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the world and HFR’s “Top 10 Health Benefits of CrossFit”:

Intensity: CrossFit is a fast-paced, intense workout that can take less than 15 minutes a day because that quarter of an hour is going to be condensed, nonstop movement. It may only be three or four routines, such as burpees, a jog and squats, but the idea is that you keep doing each one over and over through the set time. It’s a concentrated shot of exercise and it burns the system — in a good way.

Motivation: The key to CrossFit is the intensity, but hidden in that fact is that you’re inherently pushing yourself to do the most you can through each exercise in the workout. Everyone wants results, but not everyone puts in the effort. In a regular gym, it’s easy to cheat reps here and there or sneak a longer break than necessary, but because of how the CrossFit workout is tailored, there’s no option other than to max yourself out.

Time efficient: In a span of 15 or 20 minutes, you’ll be asked to complete as many rounds of a specific circuit as you can. By the end of it, because of the aforementioned intensity and effort, you’ll have burned more calories than a regular workout.

Building relationships: Often times a gym is just a collection of random people focused on doing their own different exercises. At a CrossFit box, which is what they refer to as their gym, it’s community. You’re surrounded by a group of people – even strangers! – who encourage you and help you push your boundaries. Even the people who finish last get a round of high-fives for pushing themselves as hard as they can. Everyone has the same goal in mind: to get in the best shape possible. The camaraderie in CrossFit is part of what makes this exercise experience so unique. Read full article…

New to to this sport? Don’t worry. Getting a good introduction to CrossFit is as good as getting the right details on what it is all about.

Of course, you can’t be switching to CrossFit without knowing the facts and details. Let fitness author Kara Mayer Robinson walk you through what CrossFit is all about and what you should be expecting.

CrossFit: What You Do, Workouts of the Day, and More

If you’re looking for a challenging workout to take your fitness and body to the next level, CrossFit will do just that. It’s a very well-rounded program, providing vigorous aerobic exercise along with muscle strengthening and even flexibility. But it’s also very intense, so it’s not for everyone.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to start with something else to get your body used to exercise before taking on CrossFit. The intensity makes it better suited to people who are used to regular activity. Even then, take it slow and pace yourself. This workout will kick your butt even if you’re in great shape.

Given the intensity, one of the main disadvantages to CrossFit is the risk of injury. It’s easy to push yourself beyond your body’s abilities, so be extra careful.

Because it’s so intense, CrossFit isn’t something you want to do every day. But it’s an excellent way to mix up your workouts to help prevent exercise boredom.Read full article…

Now that you know what this is all about, prepare yourself for some fitness excitement and try out something new. Knowing these surely helps make the switch a lot easier and exciting.

After switching into CrossFit you might be surprised at how soon you get to see the results, especially when given a boost of supplementation like Complete Whey from CytoSport to provide your muscles with essential nutrients to keep it strong and healthy.

Complete Whey is a nutritional drink formula that provides your muscles with nutrients that enhance muscle growth, strength and recovery, at the same time nourishing your body with essential amino acids to help provide stamina and endurance during your workouts.

Successful Marathon Run: Preparation and Conditioning

creating a marathon plan

Running a marathon is not just taking off on the road and leaving everything to chance. In fact, it needs a certain amount of discipline and determination to let you develop that motivation and the will to finish your race.

For starters, it is best to plan your running program with regards to distance and endurance, which must be carefully planned out so that your goals are more realizable than planning to do a cross country run and end up not finishing it at all.

Let author and fitness coach Patrick McRann help you create an effective plan to prepare for your marathon event

How to Create Your Marathon Nutrition Plan

The period of time leading into your next marathon brings a lot of distinct challenges separate to the race itself: tapering, traveling, eating, sleeping, etc. While important, these disparate elements don’t matter as much as the fitness you bring to the starting line and the plan you have in place to reach the finish line.

Those two key factors aside, there’s one more element of your marathon day that will make or break your ability to reach the finish line on time–your nutrition. Few things are worse than having excellent fitness, a great plan, the perfect day to race and then watching it all fall apart because your nutrition failed.

This article will break down how to plan out your race nutrition plan given what’s available on the race course. The goal is to help you create a simple, repeatable solution that makes fuelling so easy that you forget about it. Please note: This is only about nutrition consumed while running, not day-to-day food guidance. Read full article…

Indeed, your marathon race does not begin at the starting point but at the moment you decide to take on the challenge.

Preparation and careful planning is key to conditioning the physical and mental aspects of running a successful marathon as pointed out by trainer and fitness coach Josh Clark

Marathon Training Plan and Schedule

New runners in particular should not feel pressed to rush to the marathon; to begin the racing experience with the marathon is to start at the wrong end. Give yourself time and experience racing the shorter distances. Running a marathon is not something to be done lightly or without adequate preparation and training. It requires seriousness and dedication.

There are as many reasons to run a marathon as there are marathoners, but running to finish, to survive, is at the core of every marathon experience. In the words of the late running guru Dr. George Sheehan, “The truth is that every runner in a marathon is a survivor or nothing, including the winner. Read full article…

New to marathon running? Don’t be intimated because the last thing that would come to mind is you taking on the challenge of testing yourself to the limits.

Marathon running is not just a competition with other marathon runners, rather a mental challenge that you wage with yourself – to conquer your own strength and endurance to be able to emerge victorious and it needs to start at some point.

As fitness expert and licensed physical therapist David Jeter shares how to start waging that personal battle from ground zero and working your way up to the big leagues.

A Training Schedule for Marathon Beginners

A training schedule for marathon beginners that will provide a balanced plan should look at the two components to long-distance running: cardiovascular fitness and musculoskeletal resilience (your muscle and skeleton’s ability to bounce back). As race distance increases, there is a much larger musculoskeletal resilience factor than a cardiovascular fitness component. In other words, if you are going to race short, fast races, you need the ability to get oxygen from the atmosphere to your mitochondria as fast as possible.

If you are planning to run all day, you need the ability to tolerate compressive and ground reaction forces on your musculoskeletal system. A marathon fits into a middle ground that challenges both components. While some elite runners are taking their cardiovascular system to the limit for two hours, those of us who take twice as long will likely feel the stress in our joints and muscles by the last six miles. Read full article…

Getting to the finish line can be very tiring and what better way to help nourish and energize the body than with Cytomax from Cytosport.

Cytomax is a nutrient-based energy drink formulated to enhance energy and stamina when doing your exercise routines, at the same time provide proper nutrition for the muscles to aid in growth and maintain proper health.

Shape Your Butt With CytoSport Complete Whey

bum toning exercises

Now who wouldn’t want to have a shapely butt that complements a good body form? Having good-shaped buttocks is always associated with a good-structured physique.

Here are some squat and cardio combo exercises from Author and fitness buff Dominique Astorino that are sure to give you that enviable tush.

Squats and Cardio Combine in This Fat-Burning, Tush-Toning Workout Move

We love us some squats. And what’s not to love? It’s an effective and simple way to work that booty and tone your tush! And we’re really loving this variation. Cardio and strength training together? Yes, please! Here’s a little how-to for a 180 squat jump . . . and don’t blame us if you end up singing the song “Jump Around” to yourself while you do it. Read full article

Of course, there are quite a number of good exercises and workouts that can help shape your glutes and sometimes using the same routine over and over again could be boring and less-challenging.

Let Cosmopolitan health and fitness editor and writer Elizabeth Narins share some workout routines that you can incorporate to your workouts to make it more motivating and fun.

9 Butt Moves That Beat Squats

While it’s true that squats can work your glutes from every angle, they get pretty boring after, oh, a second. It’s why you really can’t sustain a tight tush on squats alone. Besides, there are plenty of variations which, when performed together, could put the basic squat out of business. (You’re welcome.)

Ready to, ahem, round out your glute routine? Try these nine butt moves designed by Chelsea Dornan, a National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer and instructor at Uplift Studios in New York City. Repeat each exercise for 45 seconds to one minute in the order listed below, and repeat the entire set up to three times to seriously feel the burn. Read on and watch the videos

If you feel the need to speed up your butt-lifting exercises, you may need some intense workouts that’s designed to work on the butt’s muscles.

Let all-around athlete and fitness expert Nora Tobin get you hyped on some of these exercises 

6 Butt Exercises That Work Wonders

The wait is finally over. Spring is here, and unlike this season’s seemingly endless anticipation, summer often sneaks up on you. This year you’ll be prepared! A tight, toned tush is a key ingredient for rocking your bikini with confidence. And these moves are the best way to get it. Add them to your weekly routine and by the time summer hits, you’ll find any excuse to flaunt your rear in a swimsuit!

How it works: Three days a week, do 1 set of each exercise back to back. Rest for 1 to 2 minutes, and repeat the full routine 2 more times (3x total).

You’ll need: A pair of dumbbells (choose a weight that feels challenging for 10 reps), a step, a Swiss ball, a resistance tube or band, and a kettlebell (optional). Read on and watch the videos

Your tush- enhancing workouts will surely give you that booty you have long wanted to have.  You may want to boost your workouts with some help from nutrition supplementation that can help you get that muscle group in shape and good health.

Let CytoSport Complete Whey give you the desired results you need, with its full- spectrum and complete nutritional formula to help build muscle mass and promotes proper growth and recovery.

Pack More Punch Into Your Deadlifts

These exercises are one of the most dynamic exercise routines that provide a lot of strength and physical conditioning benefits. It is also one of the best exercise routines that also provides optimal fitness for most parts of the human body from the neck down.

Fitness expert and author John Papp shares some valuable insights on some of the most common deadlift exercises that can help focus on muscle building and strength conditioning.

11 Deadlift Variations To Help You Pack On Muscle And Get Stronger

Deadlifts are one of the best ways to build the posterior chain, targeting everything from the upper traps down to the hamstrings. Bottom line – if you want to be build a big, powerful backside, you need to be doing deadlift variations regularly.

There are many different variations to the deadlift, each of which targets slightly different muscles. For example, a Romanian deadlift places more of an emphasis on the eccentric contractions of the hamstrings muscle groups, while the snatch grip deadlift places more emphasis on the traps compared to other variations. Read and watch the video

A consolidated training guide for beginners by Mr. Protein, deadlift exercises, especially those with heavier than usual weights, must be done with extra care to avoid getting hurt or injured during the process.

A slight miscalculation in positioning the body or lifting the weights could cause more harm than good, so take heed.

Deadlifts For Beginners | Mix Up & Master the Deadlift with these 7 Deadlift Variations

New to the training world? Even if you are you’ll have heard of this extremely common exercise used by bodybuilders and average gym-goers a like.

However, if you are a weight-lifting newbie, just the world ‘deadlift’ can seem like an extremely daunting prospect. All you’ll understand is that ‘deadlifting’ is placed on a pedestal as the must-do exercise to get you that step closer to looking half decent in a stringer vest…

Truth is, the deadlift can potentially benefit all types of fitness levels – but also be tremendously damaging if performed wrong, in which it must be stopped RIGHT away. Read full article

Of course, it is also essential for us to know the benefits and dynamics behind the things that we are doing and just like any other activity, it is also important to know the different deadlift variations and what are their uses for it.

Fitness writer Andrew Lai explains the common variations and what each exercise target which parts of the body, the muscle groups as well as the benefits and limitations.

5 Deadlift Variations And Their Uses

Deadlifts are one of the most effective exercises to build the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, erector spinae, etc.), which comprises the base of strength and support in football, basketball, track, and almost every other sport. Developing a strong posterior chain allows stronger hip extension as well as more efficient energy transfer through one’s kinetic chain, which may allow one to jump higher, tackle harder, and even sprint faster.

Deadlifts are also a multi-joint free weight exercise, which have been suggested in numerous studies to be more effective in developing functional core strength better than isolated abdominal exercises. Read full article

Always remember that exercises are good for the body, but also be conscious of taking heed to all the safety precautions that go along with it, especially when dealing with gym equipment like deadweights and barbells.

Before starting out with any of these, make sure you are aware of the common variations and its intricacies in order for you to customize your deadlift workouts safely.

Just like with any workout, your body gets tired and muscles gets stressed and spent. Supplementing on nutrition like CytoGainer from Cytosport can help you maximize your workout routines and give you the best physical results.

Formulated with all the right amounts of protein, calories , carbohydrates and creating, CytosGainer helps refuel your muscles after a rigorous workout – ensuring fast muscle recovery, promotes muscle growth and sustains muscle health.

Superhero Abs Are Not Impossible

Moves For Superhero Abs

Now, who doesn’t want to have those killer abs that make you look like the true symbol of a superhero – a champion of truth and justice. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, let’s start off with some of the best total core workouts that lets you get those ripped abs.


There’s no doubting that conventional ab exercises like the crunch strengthen the abs, but they also pull your spine out of position, which can set you up for lower-back pain down the line. Use the Superman pushup in place of crunching movements, and you’ll build not only heroic abs, but an iron core that will strengthen other lifts like the overhead press and squat.”according personal trainer and fitness expert Michael Schletter as he teaches you how to get those superhero abs. Read more…

Women also want to have their share of wanting to compete with men in the matter of ripped abs. They, too, can have those superhero abs.

How to Get Jennifer Lawrence’s Superhero Abs

As we all know, Jennifer Lawrence is a junk food lover. But despite her proclivity for pizza and fries, she’s also maintained a killer physique,”  according to author Kristina Rodulfo as she writes about how celebrity Jennifer Lawrence does her workouts and gets those superhero abs as shared by her former personal fitness trainer Dalton Wong. Read and watch the video

Now who has seen a pot-bellied superhero making it big on the silver screen? A stong  physique has always been associated with hero-like symbolism.

How to Get a Superhero Body in 90 Days or Less!

Superheroes come in all kinds of packages these days: comedians like Chris Pratt and Seth Rogen, ex-little guys like Robert Downey Jr. The latest bro-next-door to transform into a man of steel? Ant-Man’s Paul Rudd. To which we say: If a goofball like Paul Rudd can do it, then why can’t we? “GQ author Joel Stein writes that if Hollywood celebrities can get those ripped superhero abs, so can you. Read more…

If you want to get those superhero abs consistent workouts and added supplementation can get you there like CytoGainer from Cytosport a full-spectrum formula that provides complete nutrition to help promote muscle growth and development, as well as aids in muscle recovery during pre and post workout periods.

Indeed, with great “powder” comes great responsibility- and the same adage goes with workouts, literally, if you want more power in those ripped abs, be sure to carry on the responsibility of sustaining and maintaining it.

How To Get A Thicker Chest

Tips For A Thicker Chest

The chest is often the most noticed part of the body to tell if a person is physically fit, as it is the biggest part of the body that shows the effects of effective workouts.

Admit it, scientifically speaking or not, people always get attracted with the ones who has the best –shaped pectorals.

INBA Men’s Physique Novice champion and author Brently Rousset provides a breakdown of the most common chest training exercises that helps you get the results that you need.

5 Tips For A Stronger, Thicker Chest

The barbell bench press is the king of all chest movements. It’s an exercise that’s been performed and perfected by some of the biggest names in fitness history, with some of the biggest chests to prove it.

But, like all things, nothings works forever. If you are performing the barbell bench press week after week, with the same weight and same rep scheme, you are eventually going to hit a plateau.

In order for your body to grow you need to adapt, switch up your training occasionally, and understand how small changes can produce big results. By improving your approach and form you will put yourself in a position to dramatically improve your chest developmentRead full article

There are facts…and there are old wives’ tales. Sometimes it’s easy to fall prey to seemingly believable ideas that seem plausible, but are in fact, not effective, worse, it does nothing to benefit at all.

In exercising and workouts, it is essential to tell the difference between the right and the wrong, which could spell the difference between success or failure, health or harm.

Let NGA Natural Professional Bodybuilder and writer Eric Broser teach you how to avoid making these mistakes and focus your attention towards the correct routines.

6 Worst Things You Can Do To Get A Bigger Chest

Walk into the gym any Monday night and you’re likely to see the majority of guys working like mad on their pecs. So why is it that chest usually leads off the training week? Well, because big pecs are cool! Just look at the Terminator, Rocky, and Superman and it’s easy to see why most men covet massive, thick, and striated pectorals. The funny (or sad really) thing is, despite all of the hard work, very few get to display the kind of chests that make jaws drop and tempt the ladies to reach out for a quick feel.

Building perfect-pecs is not as easy as lying on a bench and mindlessly pressing humongous weights. It takes a well-thought-out, progressive and meticulous approach that carefully avoids the following mistakes.” Read full article

Just like life’s lessons, exercises and workouts are always rich in tips and tricks.

Life experiences and best practices are often the key indicators things that work and things that you should be avoiding.

In his article, experienced bodybuilder and blogger Scooby Werkstatt shares his chest-building secrets, especially best practices and common mistakes that will help guide you through your regular workouts.

10 Secrets For Huge Pecs

The biggest mistake people make when training chest is that they only do pushing exercises like bench press and dumbbell presses. The world seems bench-press crazy. Even people who have never lifted a weight in their life can tell you how to do the bench press because its in all the movies.

It’s no wonder that beginners are unhealthily biased towards bench press and curls, its all they have seen done in the movies! To build a massive, powerful chest you gotta do squeezing exercises! 5×5 and SS make this huge mistake. I have found that a mix of about 50/50 is optimal. What I typically do in my chest workouts is alternate squeezing and pushing exercises.

A squeezing exercise is an isolation exercise like flys where you squeeze rather than push. Read on and watch the videos

Getting those thick chests is not impossible as long as you stick to the right programs and avoid common mistakes that do not give any benefit at all.

Supplementation, on the other hand, helps you maximize your chest workouts and help you build more mass like CytoGainer from Cytosport. A full-spectrum nutritional formula that contains essential nutrients that promote muscle growth, health and recovery.

A powerhouse of essential nutrients, CytoGainer lets you optimize the result of your chest workouts.

Get Ripped Abs With Pilates

pilates for a shredded six pack

Pilates is one of the best fat burning routines around that will also help shape your body as it works on strengthening the core and other major muscle groups in the body through a series of muscle tensioning moves and exercises.


Do you have a gut or a tight, lean midsection? As a master Pilates instructor for 10 years, I can comfortably say that I know what’s best when it comes to your core. Strength, stamina, and posture are the keys to solid abs. On the following slides, you’ll find five quick and easy Pilates exercises you can do anywhere— even in front of the TV while you watch ESPN highlights.” Said Jenniger Mongeluzo, pilates instructor and fitness expert as she walks you through on the best fat-burning Pilates routines. Read more…

Here is a series of high intensity interval training on Pilates that can help shave off those excess fat and unwanted love handles as FitnessBlender shares some high intensity Pilates routines guaranteed to shed off fat.

Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout – Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend

Pilates has so many healthy body benefits, but it’s really not a big calorie burner. With this Pilates HIIT Blend, we aim to bring you the heart pounding, fat burning cardio you love, mixed in with various Pilates and Pilates inspired exercises. Read and watch the video

One of the common effects of weight loss, especially after shedding off volumes of body fat is flabby skin, especially in the abdominal area. Here are some effective Pilates fat-burning exercises that can help remove that ab flab and help you get that ripped abs.

Lose Your Ab Flab: Fat-Burning Power Pilates

Because cardio is the only thing missing from your Pilates routine, take your moves off the mat with this workout from June Kahn, owner of June Kahn’s Bodyworks and Pilates director at Lakeshore Athletic Club in Boulder, Colorado. Read more…

Optimize your Pilates workouts with Complete Whey from CytoSport– a high quality whey protein supplement that helps provide complete nutrition and muscle growth enhancers that aids in recovery and promotes good muscle health.

Whether you want to maintain a good a healthy body or want to have those six-pack abs, the ideal combination of Pilates and Complete Whey can give you both.

Building Muscle With CytoGainer

Rules For Building Muscle

It is really important to follow a good set of rules here and there, especially when working out and establishing some sort of a guideline to help remind you the reason why you are building muscle and what steps you are taking to make it work.


Reinforcing the principles critical to gaining muscle isn’t such a remedial course after all. If it were, there would be a lot more big, muscular men walking around than there currently are. Said pro-bodybuilder and world champion Dorian Yates breaks down the basic rules in building muscle. Read more…

Of course, muscle-building will not be successful without proper nutrition and a well-planned diet that would sustain and nourish your physical goals. Let health guru Jim Stoppani, PhD and fitness author Joe Wuebben teach you how important nutrition and diet is for your muscle-gaining workout program.

Muscle Food: 10 Nutrition Rules To Build Muscle

Bodybuilders, trainers and diet gurus alike (at least those worth their salt) will tell you that bodybuilding is more than 50% nutrition. We tend to agree, especially where the novice is concerned. Beginners or those heading back into the gym after a layoff can expect to make some serious gains in strength and mass from a regular training program, but not without a solid nutrition program. Bottom line, the more serious you are about your nutrition, the more serious your gains will be. Read more…

There are ways with which you can gain muscle with all the gym gear available, but can you do it without the equipment? In fact, what matters is how the body is putting all things together like workouts, exercises, simple moves

Rules for Building Muscle With Calisthenics

Muscle tensioning is key to effective muscle building. You can build muscle with calisthenic exercise according to fitness and bodyweight expert Matt Schifferle.

Many experts agree that building muscle is more than just the action of pumping iron, rather it functions in coordination with proper diet, nutrition and rest.

CytoGainer from Cytosport can help provide the nutrition aspect of your muscle-building training, as it provides the muscles with all the right nutrients to spur muscle growth and health, as well as aids in muscle recovery after the workouts.

Knowing the essentials is important so getting the right combination of work, rest and nutrition, you’ll be guaranteed of great results.

Kickstart Your Cycling Program With Cytomax

Build A Better Body For Cycling

There is no question that cyclists are among the fittest people in the planet and their training regimen is undoubtedly insane and intense. Such are the reasons why many people are considering integrating cycling to their fitness routine. But before you start, you need to have a reliable bike, a fitness plan, and set out your goals. You also need to build a better body for cycling.

If you plan to build a better body for cycling, you need to know that most of the exercises you need to perform does not involve sitting on the saddle and pedalling for hours. Cristina Goyanes for Men’s Fitness listed five moves that will turn your body into a cyclist’s dream bod.


Spending countless hours in the saddle is no longer enough for pro cyclists to win stages or, better yet, get invited to represent their team at prestigious events, like the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France. Fact is, what these elite athletes do indoors is just as important as what they do outdoors. And the same holds true for you. Read more…

It is also quite important to note that more cycling does not necessarily mean more weight loss. A research study led by City University of New York revealed that higher riding frequency does not translate to burning more calories. To build a better body for cycling, lead researcher Dr Herman Pontzer asks that you also include diet in your plans.

More cycling might not mean greater weight loss, according to study

While those who led moderate lifestyles – cycling to work or visiting the gym twice a week – burned 200 calories more than those who were more sedentary, it was found that the number of calories burnt plateaued among those who exercised more. Read more…

Cyclists are among the fittest athletes in the world because they train every major muscle group in their body. If you want to build a better body for cycling, you need to work on your muscles, particularly the core and upper body. Check the YouTube video below to see core exercises for cyclists.

When you train, your body needs high quality carbohydrates to help your body deliver and sustain high levels of energy when training or performing. Building a cyclist bod can be tough but with Cytomax ensures that your body gets the high quality carbohydrates it needs to power through each and every workout.

Expert Tips On Increasing Leg Mass Effectively

Expert Tips On Increasing Leg Mass Effectively

There are so many effective ways on how you get to train and develop your leg muscles. And bodybuilding icon Ben Pakulski certainly has a system that really works for him. The good news is that his approach to increasing leg mass may also apply to you. Ben Pakulski’s leg workout system may be a beast but the rewards are certainly bigger, according to Muscular Development.

It’s now generally accepted that Ben Pakulski has the freakiest leg development (quads, hams, calves) on the current bodybuilding scene. Say it loud, maybe the best legs this side of the legendary Tom Platz. It didn’t happen by chance. Read more…

Leg days may be scary (and rightfully so) that a lot of people tend to skip leg workouts. But if you plan on increasing leg mass, then you should embrace leg days when they come. Muscle Fitness experts Whitney Cole and Byron Paidoussi gather the five important elements to giving your legs that desired bulk.

Skip the heavy leg extensions and leg curls, our bodies weren’t designed to flex and extend our knees while in hip flexion (seated position). Read more…

But don’t just train your legs for mass. You also need to give attention to getting them strong as well as jacked. Strength must also come with the physique. If you only have large legs for show, then what you have is a poor foundation that could hamper your health in the future. Remember that increasing legs mass means you also have to work out for strength.

If you want to have a powerful “alpha” physique, you need to build a solid base and foundation. This means that you can never skip leg day and that you must place a huge emphasis on developing tree trunk legs. Read more…

A pair of strong and large less gives you that “alpha” physique. But more than just looks, a having a pair of large and powerful legs gives you a stable base that benefits you in terms of overall strength and improved health. If you find yourself in a struggle to get some gains, you’ll definitely love Cytosport CytoGainer, an effective protein supplement that refuels your muscles and facilitates in their development. With CytoGainer, gaining mass won’t be a problem.