The Right Moves To Shaping The Perfect Butt

It can be challenging for most women, and this is something that’s desired by most females. Celebrities, models and fitness models flock the Instagram and Facebook feed, just so they can get their hands on the latest tips. Celebs like J.Lo just have the perfect rear-end. She is simply the subject of booty-envy.

Muscle and Strength explains that you can surely build a solid backside. A firm booty gets all the attention it deserves. To push for significant progress, these include exercises so you can be one step closer to achieving your #buttgoals2017. Get ready to wear your bikini, lingerie, party dress or tight skinny jeans – show off your great butt!

Women: Shaping The Perfect Glutes

Next to a sleek and sexy, toned midsection, high, tight glutes are the focus and desire of many women. They want the hard muscles of a fitness model combined with the round derriere of a pop star. Women like fitness supermodel Jamie Eason and actress/singer Jennifer Lopez have a booty that is the envy of many. Read more…

Popsugar says that these are the ultimate best butt exercises that you should do in order to get a perky booty. If you need to sculpt your backside, take note of these 30 best butt exercises to lift your backside faster. There are easy instructions here how you can do the moves.

The first few moves include the “Step-Up”,  “All Fours”, and “Lying Hamstring Curl.”

For the Step-Up, all you need to do is get a sturdy bench or chair. Then, place your right foot carefully on the bench. You left foot should be positioned directly under your left hip. Now, step up while straightening your right leg, bringing both feet completely onto the bench. Slowly bend your right knee, then lower the ball of your left foot back to the ground, keeping your right thigh engaged. For more instructions about the other moves, check this one:

The Moves You Should Be Doing For a Perkier Butt  

Need to shape up your backside? Look no further — we’ve got over 30 of the most effective exercises to perk up your backside fast. Read on to learn the moves, and stick around to the end for five celebrity-inspired butt-shaping video workouts for you to follow! Read more…

Fitness Magazine tells us that these are the ultimate derriere-shaping moves. If you’ve been struggling how to sculpt that nice tush of yours, check this one out. It’s surely going to give you a boost in confidence: you can finally show off a firm backside.

The first move is called, “On Your Mark.” Before you actually do this move, make sure that you’re starting on all fours. You hands should be under your shoulders. Your back should be flat as well. Step with your left foot forward on the floor by your left hand, and your left knee must be bent at a 90-degree angle.

Extend your left leg behind you while raising it as high as you can, and make sure your toes are pointed. Return your left foot to the floor by your left hand. For a more detailed guide about the rest of the moves, check this out:

Look Hot from Behind: 5 Butt-Shaping Exercises

Start on all fours, hands under shoulders and back flat. Step left foot forward on floor by left hand, left knee bent 90 degrees. Extend left leg behind you, raising it as high as you can, toes pointed. Quickly return left foot to floor by left hand.

Do 15 to 30 reps. Switch sides and repeat. Do 2 sets. Read more…

Here’s how you can sculpt your booty – BeFit gives us this extreme firming routine:

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This will enable you to enhance your body’s performance. It’s just one of the many effects of this drink. Another point is that it has the capacity to refuel your lost electrolytes. Whenever you hit the gym, you’ll notice that you can even train harder than before. Check this out:

Cytosport Cytomax Powder

Tips: Muscle Building For Women

Muscle and Strength discusses how to achieve weight gain and muscle building for women. There’s not a lot of difference between men and women in terms of training for weight or muscle gains. You just have to live by the rules. Of course, these have to be implemented appropriately in order for you to finally achieve your goals.

There are quite a number of people who really want to lose weight and it’s mostly for females. But there are women who simply lack lean muscle and mass. If you’re someone who belongs to the second category, you have got to have some sort of plan that can prove to be efficient enough to deliver results.

Weight Gain And Muscle Building For Women

There is so much information available regarding weight loss, but what if you are at the other end of the spectrum? What if you are a woman who wants to gain some weight and build muscle? Yes, you heard that right!  Some of us actually want to gain weight and bulk up.  Where do you turn? Read more…

Live Strong says that there are awesome methods to get you to build muscle fast. As mentioned earlier, there are those who want to add some weight to their frame, and these ways can be just as successful in letting you gain mass. These are the practices that can help you.

Gaining muscle mass would mean doing these two major things: changes to your workout and dietary habits. A routine workout that’s focused on a resistance training plan will be able to target all of your major muscle groups while on the process of adding mass. A diet that’s supportive of muscle building should be considered in order to pump up your training plan.

How Women Can Build Muscle Fast

If you’re a woman trying to build muscle fast, these tips can get you to your goals. Since gaining lean muscle mass rapidly requires changes to both your workout and diet, consider a resistance training plan that works all your major muscle groups and a diet that contributes to muscle building. Read more…

Muscle and Strength explains that there are important matters to be thought of before testing a muscle gaining plan. This one talks about the right kind of training for your body, the appropriate dietary consumption, as well as the needed supplementation to get the body of your dreams.

The biggest comparison that’s being discussed most of the time is women versus men. In the actual practice, there’s really not much of a difference when it comes to training and eating habits. It’s a matter of identifying what your body really needs.

Women’s Body Bible: Training, Diet & Supplementation!

Women do not need to train or diet much differently than men. Then why do we always see women in gym performing hours of cardio and lifting the lightest dumbbells in the gym for endless reps? Read more…

Check these tips from Vince Del Monte How To Build Muscle For Women:

Women want lean muscle. No fat, but pure and firm muscle. This Cytosport drink can give you what you really want. You can incorporate this drink in your dietary regimen.

The Cytosport Muscle MLK brings out lean muscle effectively. It has the potential to increase your strength, thereby letting you maximize the effects of your exercise.

Cytosport Muscle MLK also boasts of vitamins and minerals. A total of 20 different nutrients are incorporated in this drink. It’s totally rich and it can give your body a total boost. Check it out here:

Muscle MLK Ready To Drink

Mass Training Secrets: Get The Bodybuilder’s Secrets

Muscular Development says that these are the mass training secrets of Olympians. They’ve been around for years and they want to share these awesome tips in order to help newbies like you! Well, no matter how long you’ve been around in the bodybuilding world, you’ve got to know what keeps people like Roelly Winklaar at the top of their game.

Speaking of Roelly, he says that genes really play a big role in building muscle. He said that they grow quickly and easily that he can’t train them more than once every three weeks or else they blow out of proportion and end up making his biceps look too small. He maintains the size using pressing exercises for the chest and shoulders. Also, he’s not into using extremely heavy weights. Rather, he uses moderate loads that he can control better as well as those that focus on contraction.

In growing his triceps, he didn’t have to do any crazy methods. He does a certain move that lets him increase triceps size. This exercise would be the dumbbell kickback. It’s a free-weight extension movement that had successful effects on him. For more tips from Roelly and the pros, check this out:

Mass Training Secrets of the Olympians 

MD readers should be aware of the enormous role genetics play in bodybuilding, so the following confession Roelly made to me about his triceps in 2010 shouldn’t shock you too much. “They actually grow so easily that I can’t train them more often than once every three weeks, or else they grow out of proportion and make my biceps look too small. I can maintain them the rest of the time just from the work they do assisting in pressing exercises for the chest and shoulders. Read more…

Muscle and Performance gives us the ultimate plan for gaining mass in just a span of three months. That’s quite a short amount of time! You might be thinking that something like this might be quite challenging. It’s not going to be as hard as you think.

If it’s about gaining mass, everyone’s considered as an expert. A lot of people do it on their own and do a lot of stunts just to get them huge. This is actually what makes it difficult task for an average lifter. It gets harder to identify which steps are really needed to gain mass.

There are things that you can apply in your training routine so you can get the results that you want. There are three of them presented here. These are quite practical especially in adding bulk to your frame within a three-month period. The first truth: muscle size increase when you use big lifts within the 8-12 rep range. Some want to insist that a high-rep set triggers new growth. However, it appears that the middle ground works just fine for everyone if executed correctly.

For other tips, check it out:

The 3-Month Mass-Gain Plan

Luckily, there are a few universal truths that anyone can apply to elicit the gains he or she is looking for. We not only present three of them here, but our expert also used each of them to craft the accompanying mass-gain program, making it a proficient and practical method to gain an appreciable amount of new muscle over the next three months. Read more…

T-Nation talks about these methods to effectively increase muscle size. If you’re someone who wants to undergo a mass building program, you’ve got to shift your focus from your abs to your overall muscle mass. The best movements for building muscle involve just a short list. You can do these religiously when you start your training. Remember, you can be the master for gaining muscle if you’re an expert in doing the moves. If you want to put on some bulk fast, you’ve got to add these guidelines in your training regimen.

The first one involves the exclusion of everything else. You have got to pay attention to gaining a significant amount of muscle mass first before you start worrying about your six-pack. The second one: spending time under the bar. Find ways how you can carry loads and move weights for a couple of minutes without releasing the load.

The third tip is about eating. You’ve got to put an end to calorie restrictions just for a while. Don’t act like you’re a college teenager. You must eat when you participate in this plan. Another one is resting: you have to master this one because it will eventually have a greater effect on your gains. For more ways on gaining mass, check this one out:

10 Secrets to Building Mass

If you have 14-inch arms and want to start a mass building program, don’t worry about your stupid abs (for a while.) The best movements for mass building make up a very short list and you need to do them every time you train, as mastery of the movements is a key to mass building. There’s something magical about mass gains around the 5-10 rep range and the last century of strength enthusiasts will bear this out, too. Read more…  

Weight Gain Network shares these 3 Mass Building Secrets From A Fitness Model:

Cytosport Monster Milk is an awesome way to start your workout right. This is something that is rich in glutamine that is responsible for a better protein syntheses.

This is to refuel the muscles that have been completely used during the workouts. You can definitely recover and achieve growth with this one. This also has the potential to enhance the liver’s glycogen after workouts.

Cytosport Monster Milk

Take Note Of These Diet Plans Bodybuilders Follow

Muscular Development talks about the kind of contest training and dieting that pros use in order to get to the top. If you are into bodybuilding, it’s a must to maintain your body in top condition. There are no exceptions to this rule. There are two most important parts: training and dieting.

Knowing the right kind of exercise is essential in forming the muscles that you need to show off. If you lack in a certain area, you can pump it up or even improve it by doing specific moves or exercises to enhance it either aesthetically, or in terms of performance. Dieting is the next step. Nutrition pushes your efforts further. The kind of food that you put into your body plays an important role on the outcome of your performance.

This is the list of training and diet plans that Olympian bodybuilders swear by. There are strategies mentioned here by Dexter Jackson, Branch Warren and Victor Martinez. Check out their training workload and their meal consumption:

Contest Training & Dieting – How Top Pros Do It

Ever wonder what training and diet plans Olympian bodybuilders follow? In this MD special we look at the nuts and bolts of the strategies adhered to by Dexter Jackson, Branch Warren and Victor Martinez. Check out the sheer workload and dietary discipline these guys have to endure in order to be contest ready. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness helps you get a better shape by this ultimate winning meal plan. These includes healthy eating tips from Phil Heath. His muscle building nutrition guideline will ultimately help you gain quality muscle.

In the past few decades, if you’re a professional bodybuilder, you were expected to eat a lot until you drop. You’re free to stuff your face with pie, burgers, pizza, and ice cream. This is done simply just to gain weight and get all the mass that you can add to your frame. However, after the season, how can you get back to your athletic form?

This was practiced before. Now, times have changed and you have to get better at eating like a champ. It doesn’t mean you have to stuff your stomach with junk food anymore. Phil Heath’s winning meal plan helps you out in adding quality muscle to your body. This means muscle with minimal fat, and this might be just the right kind of diet for you.

Healthy Eating: Phil Heath’s Winning Meal Plan

As a result of such gluttonous behavior, off-season bodybuilders were often mistaken for sideshow attractions rather than the athletes they aspired to be. Somewhere along the way during its first century of existence, competitive bodybuilding transmogrified from a quest to achieve the ideal male physique to an all-out race to out-roly-poly the next guy. Read more…

Muscle Coach talks about the program that pros use in order to condition themselves for a competition. In this program, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. There are different dietary variations for individuals. They base it on your weight, preference and meal frequency. It was proven that those who subject themselves to higher meal frequency get the best results.

You can still get a good outcome though even if you just prefer to have three meals a day as long as you supplement properly. It’s enough reason to take note that fat loss is highly associated to calories in versus calories out. Moreover, there are variables that identify your caloric needs other than your weight. Genes, gender, physical activity contribute as to why every individual is different.

In this case, you’ll need to find out for yourself. Try these different calorie intakes and see what’s best for you.

A Bodybuilder’s Competition Diet Program

At Muscle Coach we recognise that one size does not fit all. Therefore we have formulated multiple variations of each diet depending on your weight and preference with meal frequency. Typically people will get better results with higher meal frequency. However you can still get good results even if you are restricted to just three food meals each day as long as you supplement properly. Read more…

Furious Pete talks about Nutrition / Meal Preparation for bodybuilding. Check it out: 

The Cytosport Cytomax drink tastes better than what was expected. This drink mix gives us enough energy to go through hard sessions. It will surely give you the extra push for achieving an even greater performance.

When you’re working out, you want to lose any painful sensation. The drink acts as a neutralizer in terms of lactic acid production. It decreases the burn during intense training. It also lowers any post-exercise muscle soreness. 

Cytosport Cytomax Powder

Getting Ripped For Competitions: Pros Share Their Tips

Muscular Development shares Hidetada Yamagishi’s strategy. He talks about how he gets totally ripped for contests. He just won the 212 class at Arnold Classic and his physique is quite promising. With his thickness and wide, round shoulders, he is truly an X-frame – a praise-worthy form. He is just one of the best, and his best feature is his ripped form. This is what’s going to get him to the top.

Putting yourself in the best condition gives off the illusion of greater size. Bodybuilding fans have surely seen a competitor onstage who looked jacked up and shredded only to find them backstage and see their true form: nowhere near the size you expected them to be.

Hide is aware of this, that’s why he says that he needs to be in perfect condition.  He can’t even be off or he wouldn’t garner any attention from the panel. This is what gets him going all throughout his preparation. It will really show who wanted it the most, who went through the ordeal, and who suffered the greatest to get in the best shape.

Getting Ripped For Contests – Hidetada Yamagishi’s Strategy

In winning the 212 class at last March’s Arnold Classic (relegating Olympia runner-up Jose Raymond to second place) Hidetada Yamagishi now looms as a threat to Flex Lewis’s crown. Yamagishi has a physique that’s thick and balanced, with wide, round shoulders, a tiny waist and sweeping quads— a true X-frame.Read more..   

Lee Hayward talks about the pre-contest diet plan for competitive bodybuilders. These pros are the most successful dieters in losing body fat and getting shredded. These individuals do things differently compared with those who fail. It will be highlighted here, as well as the basics of a good nutrition strategy.

If you’re planning on competing in the future, you’ll see that the information here will totally help you out. But even if you’re not into competitive bodybuilding, you’ll still be able to achieve that lean look using this guide.

Some tips include starting the diet at least 6 months before the competition. If you want to have plenty of time to prepare your body, then this one’s a good method. For the first month, cutting all junk in the diet is essential. Eat nothing but clean foods. This includes beef, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, milk, rice, potatoes, and vegetables.

Frequency should be monitored as well. Eating at least 5-6 small meals a day is going to be beneficial. Hydrating is great, too. Drink at least a gallon, if you can. Do a 30-minute cardio exercise performed 4-6 times each week before your first meal of the day.

Bodybuilding Pre-Contest Diet Plan

It’s no secret that competitive bodybuilders are among the most successful dieters in the world at losing pure bodyfat and getting “ripped”. Bodybuilders do things differently than the 95% of dieters who fail. And in this article I will outline the basics of a good bodybuilding pre-contest diet plan. This information will really help you if you are planning on competing in the future. Read more…

Live Strong gets us going on how to build a physique like a pro. In order to prepare for your contests, you have to push your body fat levels down. This is the only way for you to achieve full shredded condition so you can compete well. We all know that it’s not an easy task to fulfill. A generic meal plan, cardio and strength training is not going to do the trick.

You need to customize your nutrition strategy and tailor it according to your needs. Keep your workout intensity in its optimum level so you can reach your goals.

First, reduce your calorie intake by focusing on losing the excess fat. This is the number one rule of getting ripped. You need to consume fewer calories than you burn daily. Multiplying your body weight in pounds between 13-17 can give you your dieting calorie intake. If you carry fat easily, aim for the lower result. If you’re naturally slim, use the top result.

How to Get Ripped Like a Bodybuilder

Getting your body fat levels down to the shredded condition required to compete in bodybuilding is no easy task. Following a generic healthy meal plan with some light cardio and strength training thrown in won’t cut it. You need to personalize your approach, dial in your nutrition and keep your training intensity high to reduce your body fat and get ripped. Read more…

Vince Del Monte talks about How To Get Shredded for a Bodybuilding Contest or Fitness Model Competition:

If you want to get even ripped, you have to check Cytosport Cytomax Powder. This is something that promises effective re-hydration effects. If you’re pushing yourself more, you’ve got to have something that can replenish all the nutrients that were lost during your intensive sessions.

That’s why this might be the perfect drink for you. It doesn’t only boast of re-hydration capacities. It also givees you improved stamina and endurance to cope with whatever workout you’ll need to face next.

Cytosport Cytomax Powder

Blast Your Chest: Excellent Workouts For Training Your Upper Body

Flex Online talks about the ways how to build maximum muscles in your chest and triceps. If you’ve been at a loss how to expand your chest and upper body, then the Chest Blaster Pushup Protocol is the perfect workout routine for you. Here’s what you’re going to prepare: aerobic step, dumbbells and a thick book.

These are four pushup variations. The main thing to do is to execute these exercises back-to-back and as quickly as possible. You just need to make sure that you’re doing them using a good form as well. The rule: complete five reps per move without letting your knees touch the ground.

The first variation is the Lock Off. Put yourself in a pushup position over the platform. Then lower your body just until your chest is right above the floor then push back up. Reach up with one hand and slap the opposite pec muscle. Do the rest of your reps on one side then switch your hands.

For the rest of the variations, check this one out:

Chest Blaster

If you’re looking to blow up your chest and triceps —look? no further, than the “Chest Blaster Pushup Protocol”. You’re going to need an aerobic step, some dumbbells, or a thick book for this one. Perform these four pushup variation exercises back-to-back as quickly as possible, with good form, of course! Complete at least five reps per move without allowing your knees to touch the ground. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness says that the workout Chest Blaster is great for maximum muscle gain. This is what you can use so you can target your pecs from all angles. This will eventually result in greater size, strength and muscle definition. It will surely pound your pecs for good!

This was originally designed to maximize conditioning, strength and size gains. It combines moves in order to hit your muscles while the different rep ranges work your upper body to enhance power and improve endurance. You will be hitting the upper, middle, lower, inner and outer pecs.

It’s a package deal: it will soon give you the width, depth, strength, endurance and power. Go ahead and try this one out so you can check for yourself if it’s effective for you.

Chest Blaster For Maximum Muscle Gain

This chest workout is multi-faceted to maximize conditioning, strength and size gains. It combines movements to target the pecs from all angles, working varied rep ranges to develop power and endurance. During this workout you will target the upper pecs, as well as the middle, lower, inner, and outer pec fibers for an all-around chest blast. Read more…

Muscle and Strength takes this chest workout to a whole new level. This is what they call the high-intensity chest blaster workout. This is going to build your chest in an explosive way. It is fast-paced so it’s really going to grind you out. It includes heavy rest-pause sets, and slow isolation movements.

What you can do right now is incorporate this in your workout. Just remember that this can be used for a four to six week cycle. On another note, you can use this one as a rut buster if you simply want to spice up your routine or if you want to do something new. It just takes 30 minutes to finish, so if you lack time, then this one’s on your side.

Take note of the total sets: you will perform 16 sets using the 4 exercises. It includes 2 compound movements and 2 isolation exercises. Compound lifts will focus on strength and rest-pause training while isolation moves will emphasize slower reps and mind-muscle connection.

High Intensity Chest Blaster

The high intensity chest blaster workout can be used for a 4 to 6 week cycle, or as a rut buster when you simply want to try something different. This routine is relatively brief (30 minutes), and can also be used on days in which you have a limited amount of time to workout. Read more…

Check the Insane Home Chest Workout from Six Pack Shortcuts & Abs After 40:

The Cytosport Complete Whey Chocolate is a drink that can definitely help you with gaining bulk in your chest area. It’s a part where most men are quite insecure of. In order to remedy that, incorporate this in your dietary intake so you can have pumped up results.

This has high quality protein concentrate that you can get! You can even add this to your first meal of the day. Add this to your yogurt, oatmeal, or pancakes. Aside from that, it’s  not going to hurt your stomach because it digests easily.

Build Movie Star Arms: Get Your Guns Working

Abs? That’s it? What happened to greatness? What happened to being massive? If your goal is to simply get a six-pack without paying attention to the rest of your body, then that’s a total deal-breaker. You can show how explosive you are by starting with your guns. If you want to build the ultimate arms, you’ve got to check these moves.

These six exercises were specifically designed to build arms like Vin Diesel’s. Though the Fast and the Furious star turns 50 this year, he’s still got arms the size of cannons. Guys half his age don’t even come close. How does this guy keep them in good size and condition? It seems like it involves a lot of work on the biceps and triceps. He holds moves for long periods of time to really feel the burn and stimulate muscle growth.

Let’s discuss how it actually works. The longer the muscles are put under tension, they more they adapt to the load. This is characterized by an increase in muscle size. It makes them bigger and stronger. The routine outlined here will target your biceps and triceps in every angle. Not only that but it will also put these muscle groups under tension for quite some time.

6 Moves To Get Arms Like Vin Diesel    

This month’s cover star, Vin Diesel, may not be a kid anymore (he turns 50 this year), but he’s still got arms the size of armored tank cannons—to shame guys half his age. Hell, to shame guys of any age. So how does he keep them perpetually loaded for battle? He attacks the biceps and triceps from all sides and often holds moves for teeth-grittingly long periods of time to really tease out the size and feel the burn. And pray that when you put a few years on, you’ll still be packing even a fraction of the heat he is. Read more…

Men’s Health discusses Dwayne Johnson’s arms.  Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D., C.S.C.S., a former natural bodybuilding champion and author of The M.A.X. Muscle Plan says that he’s got some pretty rad genetics. We can all agree that’s pretty obvious here. Though that’s the case, you can still pump up muscle into your arms.

Your routine is not going to revolve around executing endless sets of curls. Using just one kind of exercise is not going to cut it. It won’t define the muscles in your arms, and it certainly won’t let them pop. You have to take note of the muscle fibers in the different areas in your arm and work your way through.

These 8 tips will be your guide. Take note: you can sculpt what you don’t have, so don’t do the isolation moves at first. Instead, check out compound moves like the dead lift and pull ups. These can help you bulk up. Find out more about these tips here: 

How to Sculpt Sleeve-Busting Muscle Like the Rock

Look at Dwayne Johnson’s arms and one thing becomes obvious: “He has some very special genetics working in his favor,” says Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D., C.S.C.S., a former natural bodybuilding champion and author of The M.A.X. Muscle Plan. But even if tree-trunk sized arms aren’t written into your DNA, you can still optimize what is. Read more…

Meanwhile, Mark Wahlberg’s arms can compete with the other two celebrities. It’s a common goal to get huge guns for most men. The muscle size and definition can be a sign of masculinity and it can even get some extra attention from the ladies.

Wahlberg’s been doing his own thing: he has exerted a lot of effort and time in building those amazing arms. As a result, his hard work paid off and that’s in the form of added muscle growth. It’s not all that difficult to get arms just like his.

It’s only going to take you some time but more than that, you’ve got to have a plan. You need to make sure that you’re not doing the wrong exercises. You might end up in the gym more than you need to. Build a well-balanced routine for your upper body. Target your arm’s range of motion.

Check out the actor’s workout plan and get started with your own version. Take a look:

How to get Arms like Mark Wahlberg: Mark Wahlberg Arm Workout

Start with a medium weight at 6 repetitions. If you can easily finish all three sets of repetitions, increase the number of repetitions next time. Continue increasing until you can finish three sets of 12 without having to pause. Then next time drop back to 6 repetitions and increase to the next closest weight. Each exercise will increase at a different rate and require a different weight to start with- never try to increase everything at the same pace. Do two exercises together back and forth until all sets are done, then move to the next two exercises. Read more…

eHowFitness shares How to Get Bigger Arms Like Tom Hardy:

In line with your efforts in gaining mass in your guns, we’re telling you that we have something that can even boost your gains in no time. This one is from CytoSport CytoGainer Protein Drink Mix. This is a sure way for you to effectively gain mass.

This drink’s formula has glutamine, the one responsible for improved protein synthesis. It is quite essential in muscle growth. Aside from that, it is originally designed to replenish muscle and liver glycogen after your hard training sessions. This is to let you fully recover after your workout. 

Best Hit Training: Get The Most Out Of Your Workouts Using These Moves

Muscle and Strength discusses the full body blast off workout program that can help you use training and rest days for maximum gains.

High intensity training involves weight lifting. This puts attention to strict controlled executions up to muscle failure during short and infrequent workouts. This style makes you work your butt off, in an extremely hard way. But often times, it means that you’ve got to train for one day with plenty of rest days in between. This is for the purpose of optimizing recovery and growth.

This was first popularized by Arthur Jones, the one who founded the Nautilus exercise equipment. Then, it was later improved and advocated by Mike Mentzer. This is the idea of a full body workout that will take your muscles and get them to their limits.

Explosive Gains! The Full Body Blast Off Workout

High intensity training is a style of weight lifting that focuses on doing strict controlled movements to the point of muscular failure during brief, infrequent workouts. In essence, this style of training involves working out extremely hard, often times training the entire body in one day, with plenty of rest days in between sessions for recovery and growth. Read more…

Building Muscle 101 talks about the history of high intensity training programs and later explains a great HIT routine that you can perform. First, let’s learn about this technique.

With weight training, high intensity technique goes a long way. It has a lot of impact on muscle and strength. This simply means how hard it’s going to be for your body to work so it can effectively execute each rep and set.

In this part, we’re going to focus on the amount of weight used in every move because we’ll tackle high intensity training as a whole. This has been around for more than 30 years and it’s already a trend among bodybuilding pros and athletes. If you belong to any active group, then you might have an idea what it is.

But let’s try to dig a little deeper. It all started with Arthur Jones. The man believed that in reaching your optimum physical capacity, you have to include resistance training and be very particular how you approach this method. Exercise intensity was a big factor when it comes to growth. Including some elements in a weight training program makes a great difference.

What Are High Intensity Training Programs?

With regards to fitness and weight training, what exactly does the term “high intensity” mean and how can it help to build muscle and strength. I believe the term refers to how hard or difficult your body has to work in order to perform each repetition and set. Read more…

Aside from Mr. Jones, Flex Online discusses Mike Mentzer’s High-Intensity Workout. Take a look at the principles surrounding Mentzer’s routine.

Everyone was on hype: Mentzer was going to revolutionize bodybuilding. He adopted Mr. Jones’ technique and transformed it – it was named Heavy Duty. The reps were low, but weights got larger. We’ll be tackling the mechanisms and impact of this type of modified training.

First, a little back track on bodybuilding history. Casey Viator won the 1971 Mr. America under Arthur Jones. Because of this, Mentzer began consulting with HIT’s creator while improving his own technique. He got the title in ’76, and he was glorified because of his philosophy. He wrote a lot of material and discussed about certain techniques for intense workout sessions.

Mike Mentzer’s High-Intensity Workout

It was going to be a revolution. For the year between the 1979 and 1980 Mr. Olympias, as high-intensity training rode the crest of its foremost adherent, Mike Mentzer, it seemed on the verge of transforming bodybuilding. Mentzer adopted the HIT philosophy of Arthur Jones and expanded it into his own radical system, named Heavy Duty. Reps got lower, weights got larger. In tis article, we examine the rapid rise, faster fall, and enduring impact of Heavy Duty. Read more…

Intense Gains shares this LEGS & ABS (i) – HIT routine ‘The Mike Mentzer Way.’

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Gain While You Sleep: Maximize Growth While Resting

Men’s Fitness talks about making ultimate muscle gains while you sleep. Basically, this focuses on listing and your eating habits before you go to bed. That’s because no matter how hard you hit the gym, you might still wonder why you’re not getting the results that you wanted in the first place. These two factors are quite important.

It may not be the workout that hinders you from getting your mass gains. It may be your sleeping and eating habits. You know you can’t hit the gym all day AND still be running with just 3-4 hours of sleep. You have to rest your body too so you can get going the next day.

However, if you’ve been sleeping the right number of hours every night and still not seeing results, you might want to take other measures. This involves lifting weights three hours before bed time. This stimulates your pre-sleep protein to form new muscle proteins. If you’re thinking about a good night supplement to boost mass growth, think of casein. It’s a slow-digesting protein powder that will help you out with this goal.

How To Make Muscle Gains While You Sleep

SO YOU HIT the gym hard, but you’re just not seeing the gains you expect? It might not be your workout that’s failing you. It could actually be your sleep: Despite what you’ve heard from all the meatheads at the gym, you can’t just pound weights all day and then expect to subsist on three hours of Red-Bull-interrupted sleep every night. Read more…

To add more mass to your frame, these are the essential tips to take note of. You can sleep your way for more muscles. Resting gives you a chance to increase your muscular size, strength and recovery.

It is emphasized here how sleep plays a huge role in muscle building and fat loss. If you’re saying that hitting the gym often can help you build a massive structure, consider this thought: rest is important as it may even be the most important element in training. This is according to Nick Ebner, N.A.S.M.-C.P.T., P.I.C.P.

Let’s find out more about the mechanism of sleep and how it helps the body during training. Know the basics of resting:

The typical sleep hours are between 7-9 hours per night. This is most ideal for people, based on previous studies. When we sleep, we consume less energy and it allows us to use the food that we eat during the day to pump up growth. The growth hormone is produced by the body and this improves recovery and regeneration. The brain restores its normal functions when we rest and this is pretty helpful in terms of boosting motivation and focus.

The Fit Five: Sleep Your Way to More Muscle

As we sleep, energy consumption is lowered, allowing us to use the high-quality food we eat during the day to more efficiently build muscle. Growth hormone is naturally released, improving muscular recovery and regeneration. Also, as we sleep the brain recharges. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness suggest these supps in order to push your muscles to build size while you’re asleep. They want to stress on the fact that ample amounts of protein is crucial for reaching your muscle mass goals. Moreover, 7-9 hours of rest is needed every night to initiate the production of growth hormones but this becomes challenging if you neglect your protein.

Food is essential. Going to the gym and doing intense workouts without consuming the proper amount of food compromises your goal. You might end up looking like a marathon runner rather than a body builder. This leads to starvation mode and it prompts your body to steal amino acids from your muscle protein. This gets converted to glucose in order to fuel your brain; thereby breaking down your muscle fibers.

There are bodybuilders who would even go to the extreme of waking up in the middle of the night just to eat. There are less extreme methods: know what to take right before going to bed. Check on these five supplements – they’ll prevent muscle breakdown and enhance muscle growth.

The 5 Best Nighttime Supps

If putting on muscle mass is your primary goal—and, really, what other goal is there?—then you probably already know that frequently eating ample amounts of protein is critical. You likely also know that getting 7—9 hours of sleep each night is a must for gaining muscle, because that’s when your growth hormone (GH) levels peak. Yet that represents a long stretch when you neglect to give your body protein. Read more…

Check out this video from Howcast about “What to Eat before Bed to Build Muscle.

To aid you in your gains, this drink can pump up enough protein and supply your muscles with enough nutrients to boost growth. There are components in this drink that stimulates protein synthesis.

This also prevents muscle breakdown so you don’t have to worry about your muscles any longer! It’s got a lot of digestive enzymes, carbohydrates, and amino acids. It’s a complete package! 

Add Mass To Your Triceps Using These Methods

Flex Online shows us that beefing up your arms is still possible. Your triceps is composed of the medial, lateral and long head. The lateral gives width to your arms and creates the classic horseshoe form when the arm extends.

The most effective move for the head is the triceps pushdowns using a rope. One tip is to keep your elbows facing out. You have to turn the hands out at the movement by squeezing the triceps with your arms fully extended. This engages the outer head.

As the weight comes back up, you have to keep your elbows stationary even if you have to lower your range of motion. Simply pay attention to extending and squeezing.

Beef Up

The term triceps means three heads: the medial, the lateral, and the long head. The lateral or “outer” head provides width to the arm and creates the classic “horseshoe” when the arm is extended. The most effective exercise for the outer head is triceps pushdowns using the rope. Read more…

Muscle and Strength shows us the top five exercises when increasing your muscle mass in the triceps area. If you’re pressed for time, you can build your arms faster using weighted dips, close grip bench press, seated triceps extension, clapping diamond pushups and rope pushdowns.

The common goal for any weightlifter is to exhibit humongous arms. There are a lot of reasons, but most of the time, the experienced and balanced trainers do it for the right reasons. You have to know why and how to pump up your upper body mass while focusing on your guns because this is important in weight training.

Train your triceps because they compose at least 2/3 of the upper arm muscle tissue. Execute the five exercises to enhance your triceps size.

The Top 5 Exercises For Increasing Mass

One of the most common goals for many weightlifters is to gain mass in the arms. The reasons will vary, but it’s often the experience and more properly balanced trainers that are doing it for the right reasons. Knowing why and how to increase the mass in the arms is superficial by itself, but it’s still an important lesson for anyone to learn whom is interested in weight training. Read more…

Lean It Up talks about the best moves to building bigger and toned triceps. If you want titanic arms, you need to know which part of your arm requires attention.

They’re not aware that triceps are far more important. Those who go to the gym usually focus on their biceps. The former needs to be your number one priority. Sure, it’s great seeing muscles all over your body, but it can get challenging. Developing these types of muscles can be impressive but it requires focused training that puts emphasis on the triceps.

As what was discussed earlier, there are three heads that make up the muscle. You have to make sure that you’re hitting each head as hard as possible in every workout. If you don’t, you might end up with imbalanced arms. For more tips, check it out below:

The 5 Best Exercises For Building Massive, Toned Triceps

If you want powerful, well-defined, titanic arms, building a strong set of triceps needs to be your number one priority. They’re even more important than biceps, given that they make up roughly 2/3 of the muscle mass in your arms. Read more…

Sparta Strength shares the Tricep Workout:

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