Get Ripped Abs With Pilates

pilates for a shredded six pack

Pilates is one of the best fat burning routines around that will also help shape your body as it works on strengthening the core and other major muscle groups in the body through a series of muscle tensioning moves and exercises.


Do you have a gut or a tight, lean midsection? As a master Pilates instructor for 10 years, I can comfortably say that I know what’s best when it comes to your core. Strength, stamina, and posture are the keys to solid abs. On the following slides, you’ll find five quick and easy Pilates exercises you can do anywhere— even in front of the TV while you watch ESPN highlights.” Said Jenniger Mongeluzo, pilates instructor and fitness expert as she walks you through on the best fat-burning Pilates routines. Read more…

Here is a series of high intensity interval training on Pilates that can help shave off those excess fat and unwanted love handles as FitnessBlender shares some high intensity Pilates routines guaranteed to shed off fat.

Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout – Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend

Pilates has so many healthy body benefits, but it’s really not a big calorie burner. With this Pilates HIIT Blend, we aim to bring you the heart pounding, fat burning cardio you love, mixed in with various Pilates and Pilates inspired exercises. Read and watch the video

One of the common effects of weight loss, especially after shedding off volumes of body fat is flabby skin, especially in the abdominal area. Here are some effective Pilates fat-burning exercises that can help remove that ab flab and help you get that ripped abs.

Lose Your Ab Flab: Fat-Burning Power Pilates

Because cardio is the only thing missing from your Pilates routine, take your moves off the mat with this workout from June Kahn, owner of June Kahn’s Bodyworks and Pilates director at Lakeshore Athletic Club in Boulder, Colorado. Read more…

Optimize your Pilates workouts with Complete Whey from CytoSport– a high quality whey protein supplement that helps provide complete nutrition and muscle growth enhancers that aids in recovery and promotes good muscle health.

Whether you want to maintain a good a healthy body or want to have those six-pack abs, the ideal combination of Pilates and Complete Whey can give you both.

Building Muscle With CytoGainer

Rules For Building Muscle

It is really important to follow a good set of rules here and there, especially when working out and establishing some sort of a guideline to help remind you the reason why you are building muscle and what steps you are taking to make it work.


Reinforcing the principles critical to gaining muscle isn’t such a remedial course after all. If it were, there would be a lot more big, muscular men walking around than there currently are. Said pro-bodybuilder and world champion Dorian Yates breaks down the basic rules in building muscle. Read more…

Of course, muscle-building will not be successful without proper nutrition and a well-planned diet that would sustain and nourish your physical goals. Let health guru Jim Stoppani, PhD and fitness author Joe Wuebben teach you how important nutrition and diet is for your muscle-gaining workout program.

Muscle Food: 10 Nutrition Rules To Build Muscle

Bodybuilders, trainers and diet gurus alike (at least those worth their salt) will tell you that bodybuilding is more than 50% nutrition. We tend to agree, especially where the novice is concerned. Beginners or those heading back into the gym after a layoff can expect to make some serious gains in strength and mass from a regular training program, but not without a solid nutrition program. Bottom line, the more serious you are about your nutrition, the more serious your gains will be. Read more…

There are ways with which you can gain muscle with all the gym gear available, but can you do it without the equipment? In fact, what matters is how the body is putting all things together like workouts, exercises, simple moves

Rules for Building Muscle With Calisthenics

Muscle tensioning is key to effective muscle building. You can build muscle with calisthenic exercise according to fitness and bodyweight expert Matt Schifferle.

Many experts agree that building muscle is more than just the action of pumping iron, rather it functions in coordination with proper diet, nutrition and rest.

CytoGainer from Cytosport can help provide the nutrition aspect of your muscle-building training, as it provides the muscles with all the right nutrients to spur muscle growth and health, as well as aids in muscle recovery after the workouts.

Knowing the essentials is important so getting the right combination of work, rest and nutrition, you’ll be guaranteed of great results.

Kickstart Your Cycling Program With Cytomax

Build A Better Body For Cycling

There is no question that cyclists are among the fittest people in the planet and their training regimen is undoubtedly insane and intense. Such are the reasons why many people are considering integrating cycling to their fitness routine. But before you start, you need to have a reliable bike, a fitness plan, and set out your goals. You also need to build a better body for cycling.

If you plan to build a better body for cycling, you need to know that most of the exercises you need to perform does not involve sitting on the saddle and pedalling for hours. Cristina Goyanes for Men’s Fitness listed five moves that will turn your body into a cyclist’s dream bod.


Spending countless hours in the saddle is no longer enough for pro cyclists to win stages or, better yet, get invited to represent their team at prestigious events, like the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France. Fact is, what these elite athletes do indoors is just as important as what they do outdoors. And the same holds true for you. Read more…

It is also quite important to note that more cycling does not necessarily mean more weight loss. A research study led by City University of New York revealed that higher riding frequency does not translate to burning more calories. To build a better body for cycling, lead researcher Dr Herman Pontzer asks that you also include diet in your plans.

More cycling might not mean greater weight loss, according to study

While those who led moderate lifestyles – cycling to work or visiting the gym twice a week – burned 200 calories more than those who were more sedentary, it was found that the number of calories burnt plateaued among those who exercised more. Read more…

Cyclists are among the fittest athletes in the world because they train every major muscle group in their body. If you want to build a better body for cycling, you need to work on your muscles, particularly the core and upper body. Check the YouTube video below to see core exercises for cyclists.

When you train, your body needs high quality carbohydrates to help your body deliver and sustain high levels of energy when training or performing. Building a cyclist bod can be tough but with Cytomax ensures that your body gets the high quality carbohydrates it needs to power through each and every workout.

Expert Tips On Increasing Leg Mass Effectively

Expert Tips On Increasing Leg Mass Effectively

There are so many effective ways on how you get to train and develop your leg muscles. And bodybuilding icon Ben Pakulski certainly has a system that really works for him. The good news is that his approach to increasing leg mass may also apply to you. Ben Pakulski’s leg workout system may be a beast but the rewards are certainly bigger, according to Muscular Development.

It’s now generally accepted that Ben Pakulski has the freakiest leg development (quads, hams, calves) on the current bodybuilding scene. Say it loud, maybe the best legs this side of the legendary Tom Platz. It didn’t happen by chance. Read more…

Leg days may be scary (and rightfully so) that a lot of people tend to skip leg workouts. But if you plan on increasing leg mass, then you should embrace leg days when they come. Muscle Fitness experts Whitney Cole and Byron Paidoussi gather the five important elements to giving your legs that desired bulk.

Skip the heavy leg extensions and leg curls, our bodies weren’t designed to flex and extend our knees while in hip flexion (seated position). Read more…

But don’t just train your legs for mass. You also need to give attention to getting them strong as well as jacked. Strength must also come with the physique. If you only have large legs for show, then what you have is a poor foundation that could hamper your health in the future. Remember that increasing legs mass means you also have to work out for strength.

If you want to have a powerful “alpha” physique, you need to build a solid base and foundation. This means that you can never skip leg day and that you must place a huge emphasis on developing tree trunk legs. Read more…

A pair of strong and large less gives you that “alpha” physique. But more than just looks, a having a pair of large and powerful legs gives you a stable base that benefits you in terms of overall strength and improved health. If you find yourself in a struggle to get some gains, you’ll definitely love Cytosport CytoGainer, an effective protein supplement that refuels your muscles and facilitates in their development. With CytoGainer, gaining mass won’t be a problem.

Cytomax Catching Fire Among Cycling Enthusiasts

Get Real Fit With Tempo Intervals For Cyclists

Cyclists are among the fittest individuals in the world and their training regimen is very intense. Considered by professional cycling racers as a staple routine to their fitness program, tempo interval training for cyclists has become a popular trend even for non-racers. Abby Roberts of Live Strong discussed in length what tempo training is in one of her articles. It may be a brutal workout, Roberts say, but you can start easy and gradually increase the pace and the intensity.

What Is Tempo in Cycling?

Cyclists train in many different ways depending on their goals, time restraints and fitness levels. Often this training consists of riding in certain predefined zones that a rider measures based on a power meter, heart rate monitor or perceived exertion. Each training zone is designed to work on different aspects of a cyclist’s fitness. Read more…

The benefits of integrating tempo intervals for cyclists to your training program are huge. Jordan Shakeshaft listed several good stuffs one can get from tempo interval training such as gaining more speed, building strength and endurance, burning fat.

New Workout: Tempo Intervals for Cyclists

Spinning your wheels with no goal in sight? Turns out we can get way more out of our ride than just the pretty view (or the amazing people-watching from the gym’s stationary bike). Like tempo runs, interval training on the bike can build speed, boost endurance, and burn fat. Read more…

Tempo intervals for cyclists may be designed for racers, but there is no reason why you can’t do it. That being said, the key to every endeavour is to do things right from the very beginning. The same applies to tempo interval training. YouTuber named Vegan Cyclist shares tips on how to get  the most out of this intense but worthwhile workout.

When you need energy during training, get that huge boost with Cytomax Sports Performance Drink. This sports drink delivers significant amounts of alpha-L-Polylactate™ and electrolytes to give your muscles the nutritional support they need when you train.

Using Fasted Cardio To Lose Fat

How I Use Fasted Cardio to Lose Fat

Many debates and arguments have been made about the benefits of fasted cardio. Some say the unique method is advantageous for those who apply its approach while non-believers are quick to retort that such technique presents a significant level of danger, especially to one’s health. But for fitness expert and bodybuilding professional Michael Matthews, fasted cardio is a bit of both.

Some people swear by fasted cardio whereas others say it’s not only ineffective but harmful as well. Well, both are right–it’s effective if you do it right and harmful if you do it wrong. Read more…

As debates rage on, there is no denying that many people are getting converted to the notion that fasted cardio is indeed an effective way to lose weight and grow muscles. Still, while many people champion the benefits of fasted cardio, it is quite imperative that one should also know how fast cardio works and understand the science behind it.

One of the most popular bodybuilding strategies for accelerating fat loss is to perform aerobic exercise after an overnight fast. The strategy is based on acute research showing that low glycogen levels cause your body to shift substrate utilization away from carbs, thereby allowing greater mobilization of stored fat for energy. Read more…

Christine Yu also emphasizes the need to understand not just the benefits of fasted cardio, but also how you can actually reap those benefits. In his article, Yu discusses the merits of fasted cardio and how you can prepare your body so that you can maximize its advantages and veer clear from the risks.

On the surface, it seems to make sense. Exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and your body should burn more fat. After all, without food intake for eight to 12 hours, you’re in a fasted state. With glycogen stores depleted and low morning insulin levels, your body has to turn to other energy sources to power through your workout, and it’s more likely to turn to fat for fuel. Read more… 

You feel fasted cardio is the one you need to torch those unwanted fat and gain more muscle mass? You are not alone. That said, it is essential that you understand how the principles behind fasted cardio operate before you go and gush over the benefits of fasted cardio. Supplement your fasted cardio routines with 100% Whey from CytoSport. This protein supplement gives your body that energy boost it needs to accelerate muscle growth and improve your strength levels.

Build Massive Arms With CytoSport Complete Whey

Bodybuilding Legends Share Rules For Massive Arms

At 45 years old, Dexter Jackson proves that age is a just a mere number as proven by his colossal physique and an impressive runner-up finish at 2015 Mr. Olympia last year. One of his most talked about assets is his large pair of guns. Talking to Muscular Development,Jackson shares his personal five rules for massive arms so that you can get them too.

The arms are a smaller muscle group than something like back or legs,” Dexter begins, “but you still see so many guys doing as much if not more for them. Read more…

The biceps are perhaps the most noticeable muscle ever. With a little flex, you can pop those rocks out with ease. That is if you are training your biceps right. To do just that, you need to do more than just bicep curls. Bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger sets his own rules for massive arms in his website.

We all know that using a variety of exercises helps make our arm workouts (and all other weight training workouts for that matter) more versatile and more effective. But, it’s important to understand that simply changing the exercises doesn’t always mean you’re hitting your biceps in a different way. Read more…

Sometimes, the rules for massive arms need not to be strict. An article from Men’s Health suggests that mixing things up when it comes to training your arms have tons of benefits in tow.

Hammering away at one exercise won’t give you arms that pop – you have to work the full spectrum of muscle fibers throughout your arm in multiple ways from multiple angles. Read more…

Take these rules to heart and do them with a furious intent and you will soon be rocking huge guns yourself in no time. CytoSport Complete Whey supplies your body with the right amount of proteins to help you power through your arm workouts and get the results you want without you burning out.